Sue Dengate books, DVD, magnifying cards, test strips

Fed Up (revised and updated 2008)

$26.50 including GST, post and packing
RRP: 24.95 - also as ebook
Based on new Australian research, Fed Up is Sue Dengate's comprehensive analysis of the effects of foods on children's behaviour, learning ability and health. This book is a guide for pressured parents and a revelation f  ..Product Details...

Fed Up with Food Intolerance (ebook)

$3.99 including GST, post and packing
The personal story behind Sue Dengate‚Äôs Fed Up books, telling how deeply her extended family were affected by food intolerance and how many blind alleys there were in finding the answer, leading to her life of activism.  ..Product Details...

The Failsafe Cookbook (revised and updated 2007)

$34.50 including GST, post and packing
RRP: $34.95 - also as ebook
This revolutionary book contains hundreds of new and improved recipes for all kinds of occasions. With the help of these tasty and easy-to-follow recipes for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and desserts, through to fo  ..Product Details...

DVD: Fed Up with Children's Behaviour

$25.50 including GST, post and packing
RRP: $29.95
Sue Dengate's famous presentation about the effects of food on children's health, learning and behaviour together with entertaining and insightful interviews, support and information, released May 2006. Over 15,000 people have atte  ..Product Details...


The Set

$80.00 including GST, post and packing
RRP: $89.85
On Sue's recent speaking tour, so many people wanted to buy "the set" (Fed Up, the Failsafe Cookbook, and the DVD Fed Up with Children's Behaviour) that we have created this special offer: all three items delivered for only $80  ..Product Details...

Magnifying failsafe cards (pack of 10)

$5.00 including GST, post and packing
10 cards for $5.00. Some food manufacturers are switching to names to confuse consumers. Give this handy wallet card to all your family so they know which additives to avoid at the supermarket. Includes names and numbers of all 50 additives to avoid  ..Product Details...

Two sulphite test strips at cost

$5.00 including GST, post and packing
2 sulphite test strips for only $5.00 at cost, including postage and GST, with full instructions. Test your mince, sausages and drinks for sulphites (Preservatives 220-228). Each strip does one test only.  ..Product Details...

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