Hello Everyone

Welcome to the midwinter newsletter.

We are always pleased to hear that our website is helping people. A new failsafer wrote:

“For the last 15 years I have battled the hives/ itch/swelling of airways and face with little help … A recent doctor’s visit introduced me to your web site. It is wonderful. I finally feel that I am not the only one” – from story [1482]

When manufacturers advertise their food as healthy, what does it really mean? See the story ‘Ad standards regards “healthy” claims as acceptable puffery’(!).

Also in this newsletter, I enjoyed the facebook discussion about food intolerance symptoms in women, covering symptoms such as joint pain, headaches, migraines, brain fog and irritability; “PMS now almost non-existent”, “Fatigue, insomnia, eczema and other rashes, menstrual cramps and pmt all reduced or disappeared”, “my monthly mood swings, depression headaches & period pain (I used to take 8 painkillers a day!) disappeared completely!” ; “All my menopause symptoms disappeared in two weeks after I went on an elimination diet”; “ringing in the ears and deafness” (due to salicylates), and “so much more active now it’s incredible. I actually feel like I’m going to be able to grow old happily 🙂” - see story [1493]

There’s a powerful new story about the effect of food on depression: 10 years of feeling suicidal turned out to be due to amines, see story [1492]

And of course the usual glowing reports about children’s behaviour:  “We noticed a difference in my son by the afternoon of day 2, day 3 he was a different child and day 4 amazing, incredible, omg!!” – from story [1490]

You’ll also find questions, research, Jenny’s success “If you want things to change, contact the food manufacturer!”; a possible warning about Smith’s crisps, and the Saffron poached pear recipe that is a winner for dinner parties.


As always, thanks to everyone for support and sharing so freely given in the Food Intolerance Network, which currently has 14,500 members, including some very welcome RPAH-trained dietitians.