Hello Everyone

Good news:  we have been reporting severe itchy rash reactions to flavour enhancer 635 since it was introduced 23 years ago, and have encouraged consumers to complain to food manufacturers. This month we heard for the first time that Maggi have apologised and given a $30 voucher to an affected consumer of their Continental Spring Vegetable Simmer Soup, see David’s story [1455] and in the latest Failsafe Newsletter 86

People say they like the reader stories. Well, there are some outstanding stories in the latest newsletter including vertigo due to salicylates that led to our surprisingly popular blog post. See also reports about sleeping difficulties, angry outbursts and depression;  fibromyalgia and chronic, widespread pain; a message from a teacher about autism, and many more.  Story [1454] is a must-read, it’s a fascinating facebook thread (Eczema: “crying in pain from the welts” but specialists deny food link).

Thanks to everyone for support so freely shared and to Lyn who wrote:

“Thanks again, Sue, for everything you’ve done, and continue to do. It must bring you such a feeling of vindication & joy when you read through the many different stories people have. I’m often amazed at the different ways people react to various things. Without you, our lives would all be much harder and I thank you sincerely from all of our family”.

More good news: in Europe, MSG for children is to be limited (see in newsletter). Meantime it is becoming more difficult to know what is in our food. Some food companies respond to consumer concerns by hiding additives as ingredients, or lately as "processing aids". Please jump in and sign a petition to stop a new way of hiding MSG in foods.