Hello Everyone

Latest Failsafe Newsletter now available.

A special welcome to new failsafers who are looking at food for the first time. In our experience, this is good time of year to begin your elimination diet.


Thanks to a failsafer who wrote about our our recent blog post on teachers and diet:

"This is a great article. Love seeing the real life testimonies. The brochure attached is such a great resource. I came across it years ago and have never looked back. I now educate many on the harmful additives this brochure lists. Many lives are being change by this information. Thank you!"

There are some encouraging new reader stories, such as Roxanne’s:

“With a diagnosis of ADHD, our paediatrician recommended Ritalin (as a first step). I refused and taught her a bloody good lesson on the results that can be achieved with just removing food …” - from story [1472]

There are some interesting new recommendations following our popular blog post about recommended sunscreens (updated in February again).

A new study shows that more than half the food bought by households in the UK is “ultra-processed” products, see more details in Newsletter.

Interest in vegetarian foods is increasing. For failsafers, this is partly because people who are sensitive to amines can be affected by so-called “fresh” supermarket meats that have been cryovacced, see Ruth’s experience in Newsletter story [1479]. Some of the top ten favourite recipes from our website featured this month are vegetarian.

As always, thanks to everyone for support and sharing so freely given in the Food Intolerance Network, which currently has 13,900 members, including some very welcome RPAH-trained dietitians.