Articles and presentations by Sue Dengate

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Into the mouths of babes: Sue Dengate looks at the effects of food on children's behaviour. Essential Child magazine Issue 7 September 2010

We don't eat additives, we eat healthy foods. The Art of Healing magazine September 2010



Food and depression, an article by Sue Dengate in Australian Certified Organic Magazine Autumn 2009

Food colours 101, an article in Reader's Digest magazine Health Smart, June-July 2009

10th Annual Food Regulations and Labelling Standards Conference (18/11/2008 Sydney) Avoiding harmful food additives 2008

Article on colours from Clean Food Organic by Sue Dengate: Food additives showing their true colours 2008

Article on flavours from Clean Food Organic by Sue Dengate: Conventional processed foods leave a bad taste 2007

The text of More Restless Babies by Sue Dengate, from the February 2008 Australian Breastfeeding Association's magazine Essence.

The text of Restless Babies by Sue Dengate, from the Summer 2001 newsletter of Nursing Mothers Association (now the Australian Breastfeeding Association).

The text of Presentation on Food and Behaviour to "Youth at Risk" conference, hosted by Project Saul and the Australian Federal Police, Canberra, July 2000

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