No artificial colours, flavours, emulsifiers or preservatives in Woolies' fresh in-store baked bread

Woolworths announced that from today over 70 lines of its fresh in-store baked bread is free from these additives due to consumer demand for more natural products. Woolworths has responded by removing vegetable emulsifiers 471, 472 and 481, acidity regulator 297 and antioxidant 306 from the fresh bread that is baked in 560 Woolworths stores every day.

Here at the Food Intolerance Network, we are pleased to see that Woolworths in-store baked bread is free of preservatives 280-283, 200-203 and synthetic antioxidants 319-321 that are commonly used in many other brands of bread. As far as we are concerned, the latest additives to be removed (emulsifiers 471, 472 and 481, acidity regulator 297 and antioxidant 306) do NOT cause cause problems for children or adults, and antioxidant 306, a form of Vitamin E called tocopherol, is a preferred antioxidant over the synthetic antioxidants 319-321. But it is always pleasing to see response to consumer concerns.

Parents need to know that other brands of bread sold in Woolworths stores may still contain problematic additives that can be avoided by reading the ingredient list.

Effects of preservatives in bread are not obvious, because they are eaten in small amounts every day and reactions build up slowly. Most parents don't realize their children have been affected until they switch to preservative-free bread are are amazed to see that their children are calmer, happier, sleeping better and doing better at school.

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