Additives not right for South Australian kids

Thanks to our long-time Adelaide failsafers Veronica and Bron and two other mums for meeting the Hon Grace Portolesi, former South Australian Minister for Education and Child Development, and convincing her to put the list of additives to avoid into official government policy.

It was Veronica's fantastic additive-free parent expo at her children's school across the road from Grace's electoral office that did the trick, and the school trials that Bron ran last year were certainly persuasive.

The Right Bite policy has assisted South Australian schools and preschools since 2008 to select food and drinks that promote healthy eating; contributing to significant long term health and learning benefits for children. This inspiring policy now lists additives to be avoided through

These additives are also listed on page 43 of the National Health School Canteens Guidelines National Healthy School Canteen 2014

See also the lengthening Honour Roll of schools that have gone low additive and resources for parents and canteens/tuckshops at

Note that the list mistakenly omits 133 Brilliant Blue and really should have a sentence at the end that says "Some people are also intolerant to natural chemicals in some foods, principally to salicylates, amines and glutamates."

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