Food and mood ebook now available

Failsafer Jude Burger explores the links between food and mood in her new ebook that was released just before Christmas. Now available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and Diesel, with other formats to come soon.


Is this book just for children?

Jude answers: No. Food can affect mood (depression, anxiety, brain fog, tantrums, sadness) in every age group. I didn’t find out about my issues until I was an adult, although it has affected me my whole life. I have a child on the cover of my ebook because so many people learn about food intolerance after they decide to seek help for their children – they know that there’s something not quite right with their child and are seeking the cause.

My goal is to reach everyone – parents of affected children and adults who have inexplicable and unwelcome moods. Of course not everyone is helped by changing their diet, but many people are. It is absolutely worth a try!


Karen R: “I’m crying with relief reading yr book”

A friend: “I read it last night and wow, you did an amazing job. I for one have already started looking at what I eat.”

Fernando Gomez, clinical psychologist: “Obviously this area is crying out for some randomised control studies … Unfortunately, there is little $ to be made from this, which is probably why it hasn’t been done.”

Miranda Nicholson: “This is a great book to improve understanding and spread the word about the effects of food on our brain functioning and psychological status. It is important that more people understand the possible effects of food. It would be great to get the information more mainstream!”

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