Annatto petition reaches 5,000 supporters!

Thanks so much to all who have taken action so far.

Streets are not yet listening, at least not publicly. See their very corporate response and what we think of it , plus what our families think of Streets position in the comments section at the bottom of that link. You can sign the petition there if you haven’t done so yet.

An update was sent to Streets on 2 December 2015:

As of this morning, more than 5,000 people have supported the petition asking Streets to remove Annatto 160b from their ice cream variations. See comments

What if 5,000 people wrote to you and said they didn't like the flavour of Streets icecream? You would change your formulation in a flash.

But this is far more serious. More than 5,000 people have taken the trouble to tell you how badly they are affected by a totally unnecessary harmful natural colour when a simple safe alternative exists.

Streets competitors have already changed recently:

•    Parmalat Australia Ltd removed Annatto 160b from their Vaalia yoghurt
•    Sanitarium Australia removed Annatto 160b from their Vanilla So Good Vanilla Bliss
•    A2 Australia manufactures their vanilla ice cream using Beta Carotene 160a, a safe alternative

Can you please give us a Christmas present and undertake to tell us that Unilever Australasia and Streets are phasing out Annatto 160b?

Dr Howard Dengate for the Food Intolerance Network

PS: We are not making this up. Mikkelsen et al 1978 talked about allergic reactions ("natural food colours may induce hypersensitivity reactions as frequent as synthetic dyes"), Drs Loblay and Swain first drew attention to food intolerance problems with annatto 160b in 1996 and even the Commonwealth Department of Health in their National Healthy School Canteens acknowledge (p45) that annatto is among the additives "most likely to be a problem".

Mikkelsen H and others Hypersensitivity reactions to food colours with special reference to the natural colour annatto extract (butter colour). Arch Toxicol Suppl 1978;(1):141-3.

Clarke L, McQueen J, et al. (1996). "The dietary management of food allergy and food intolerance in children and adults." Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 53(3): 89-94.

Commonwealth Department of Health National Healthy School Canteens$File/Canteen%20guidelines.pdf

Reports from those affected

More references and reports


By the way, when the Food Intolerance Network website was upgraded to make it more mobile friendly, we forgot to add a hit counter to count mobile visits. We added this four weeks ago and find that HALF of all visitors are now using mobile devices (up from 5% only 12 months ago). After two weeks of averaging past hits and current hits, I adjusted the overall hit counter upwards to account for the 393,903 uncounted visitors. Currently more than 4,000 visitors come each day.

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