Wonder White bread no longer wonderful

Thousands have seen this image, which spelled success for consumers because the bread preservative calcium propionate 282 had been removed following their actions.

wonderwhitesuccess03   BUT IT IS NO LONGER TRUE!

The Clean Label tactic has struck and this bread is no longer wonderful, instead it is again full of the bread preservative.

This time the bread preservative is labelled ‘cultured wheat flour’.

To make it even more misleading, see the ‘No Artificial Preservatives’ sticker?

Tricky and technically correct but this bread now contains the same bread preservative that 80% of Australians have said they don’t want in their bread.

Wonderwhite20160917 114231

You can tell Goodman Fielder that you won’t buy their preserved product at http://goodmanfielder.com/contact/consumer-feedback/

More on ‘cultured’ hidden preservatives.

Avoid anything with cultured wheat, cultured dextrose, cultured rice, cultured whey, cultured anything if you want to avoid hidden preservatives.

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