Drugs, additives and ingredients used to make your food that you don't know about

A brief but excellent article from the Sydney Morning Herald 2 November 2016 by consumer journalist Esther Han covers the following points:

•    Did you know farmed salmon is actually white or pale grey? The nature-identical synthetic additive astaxanthin gives it that ‘salmon’ colour through the fish feed, but doesn’t appear on the label in Australia


•    Did you know that a synthetic chemical banned in 160 countries is likely to be in your pork in Australia? That is ractopamine, a feed additive added to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat

•    What about antibiotics in your chicken meat? Are they being used to help cure disease or to promote animal growth?

•    And then there are many others, such as illegal sulphites in some meats and arsenic in imported rice  and spices.

Luckily, failsafers avoid salmon and pork if they react to amines, and are already avoiding known harmful additives like the sulphites.

Factsheet on amines
Factsheet on sulphites

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