Failsafe sausages list updated

Thanks to everyone who responded, the failsafe sausages list has been expanded and updated. Many of the speciality butcher shops now understand failsafe, a credit to all in our Network.


You can also download as a pdf if you want.

“My son has been in heaven since he got failsafe sausages and I think he’s starting to look like a sausage” – thanks Gwenda

Warning: Sausages labeled gluten free or preservative free are not necessarily failsafe. A typical ingredients list for unlabeled gluten free and supposedly preservative free sausages sold by a butcher: ‘meat potato starch maize starch salt soy protein spice yeast extract spice extract (incl 160c) flavour contains soy sulphites’, so there are 2 sources of salicylates and at least 2 MSG-type flavor enhancers. Howard was amazed recently to find that all the sausages in our Woolworths contained hydrolysed vegetable protein, which can be a glutamate-containing ingredient like MSG. Even organic sausages can contain these.

Warning: Even if labelled failsafe, do not trust your butcher, always check every ingredient yourself. Friendly butchers do not understand why they can’t add e.g. pepper, paprika, onion powder or spices to improve the flavour. They are just trying to be helpful. Chicken sausages must contain meat only, no chicken skin which is high in amines.

Please advise all changes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the format used in the list if possible.



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