My week of amazingly positive feedback


Last week I kept meeting people who recognised me and told me how much my work meant to them.

First, I met a mother whose daughter had been at Nana Glen school during our successful two week additive free school trial there in 2007. She said:

“My daughter was sane for two weeks, for the first time in her life.”

How is she doing now? Not so good – “she’s 17 and she loves her junk food”. That can change. Typically, teenagers rebel and eat junk food like their peer group. But those who have been given the chance to see how good they can be without additives, may decide by the age of 19 that they will do better if they eat a healthy diet because they want to go to university with their friends - as in this story:

“I am an 18 year old student. The diet has been immeasurably useful for me …  Thanks to the diet, I am going to try again to pass Year 12 next year, so I can go to university … I started doing badly in school when I moved to the city, and started eating more junk food like meat pies, etc. I continued to do worse and worse in school until I dropped out of Year 13 last semester. Now, I can be confident of having my old powerhouse brain back again.” – from story [1019]

Next, while I was walking my dog, a passer-by said “You’re Sue Dengate, aren’t you?” Then he told me:

“My wife is a science teacher, she’s a fan of your work, I’ve read heaps of what you’ve written, it’s very good and you are helping lots of people”.

Still dog walking, I met a couple and their elderly kelpie. They were very grateful for our Pets and additives factsheet:

“Thanks to your information, he’s so much better than last week – he’s a different dog.”

And a local tradesman described how he had been having health problems that doctors couldn’t solve. His wife found the answer on our website - it was a reaction to annatto 160b natural yellow colouring

“I get breathless if I have even the smallest amount.”

Also during My Week of Amazingly Positive Feedback, there was a facebook thread “what do you particularly like about Fed Up?” 

It was my go-to when I was explaining to school and health care providers what I was doing. It was reassurance when I couldn't remember the details and also a go-to for trouble shooting - Kirstan

The references. It's strengthens your case enormously when dealing with sceptics, or those that thinks it's another form of 'fashionable' diet fad, including hospital admissions folk, teachers, etc- Stephanie

This book was my bible when my kids were little. I did the failsafe diet 16 years ago, and it was the only reference I had. What I got out of this book? Boys that went from being the ferals of the school to the politest boys in the school (in three weeks). Boys who I could take places, without fear of a food based tantrum, peace in the household, some of my sanity back. This book redefined food for us, and has made our life so much better. Thank you so much Sue and Howard Dengate. Thankyou for giving my boys back to me - Elizabeth

And since then, more messages have come in:

Sue Dengate saved my life and my children's – Cathy

We are now 20 years into this journey, and I thank God for Sue and Howard every day! – Sharon

Howard and I would like to say a very special thank you to all failsafers who give us such positive feedback. We greatly enjoy hearing about this and it helps us to continue with our work.

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