Wein controls bushfire smoke (and flu virus)

BLOGweinsmoke (image thanks NSW RFS)

The NSW Rural Fire Service is currently warning about reduced air quality over the next five days that could affect coastal areas for 200 kilometres around Sydney. https://www.smh.com.au/environment/weather/health-alert-for-sydney-amid-bushfires-and-near-record-heat-20190521-p51ppg.html

People have been warned:

-stay inside
-keep pets in a protected area
-drive slowly with headlights on in affected areas
According to the RFS, those with asthma, respiratory or heart conditions should take "precautions". 

Our bushfire experience

Last year we were caught in bushfires that raged alongside the Pacific Highway near Grafton. Despite closed windows and recirculating aircon, our car filled up with smoke, we were coughing and it was extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, we had our Wein personal air purifiers with us and they worked like magic. We drove for two hours through sometimes dense smoke with no more problems. Smoke is one of the eight conditions that the Weins have been designed for.


Originally, I bought my Wein for fragrance sensitivity but no longer need  it for that. However, I still carry it with me and now use it to avoid smoke and viruses - on planes, in doctors' surgeries and when visiting hospitals.

Reader story: UPDATE AFTER 6 MONTHS: 'The Wein was great on an international flight last week and to be honest, I am not sure if I would have attempted the trip without it. On the return trip the woman right behind me sprayed her perfume about 45 minutes before landing, which was not pleasant but I was able to hold the Wein up to my nose and escape without a several-day reaction, which would have been the case otherwise. Thank you again for advertising and selling this product' - Mel

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