Diet for croup


Health authorities warn there has been a rise in the childhood condition croup this winter

According to a senior medical officer in the emergency department at the Queensland Children's Hospital, "Every night we would see half a dozen cases of croup".

Failsafers tell us that their children’s croup goes away when they go failsafe.  As is usual with food intolerance, everyone is different, so for severe cases it is best to do the 3-week dietitian-supervised RPAH elimination diet with challenges to find out exactly what the triggers are.

Reader reports

My daughter ended up with croup and asthma from doing the sulphite challenge and she also ended up with croup, asthma and a chest infection from doing the lemonade (sodium benzoate 211) challenge [703]

I became seriously ‘fed up’ when my 7 year old son woke up for school a month ago with croup - I have isolated it to the overdose of cordial (211) from the weekend with friends - Sharyn, Vic [700]

Recently [my four-year-old son] has been having  the creamy vanilla for dessert and having what I thought was a croup cough. I soon realised the nights he didn't have it there was no "croup cough". … After speaking with the dietician, I have worked out that it must be the annatto E160b causing a reaction – [584]

My daughter had bouts of tonsillitis as a toddler, my son had recurring croup/asthma . Took them both off dairy... They never had it again …[1311]

My 8 year old son Matt is a severe asthmatic who has been on the diet for almost a year ... The results [of mistakes] are so obvious, usually that night he and I are up all night with his terrible croupy cough, he becomes unreasonable, eczema flairs up … Artificial red colours seem to have the most dramatic effect. Sulphites definitely. Salicylates definitely …  apples for three days, third day severe asthma attack …  lasted 3 days. Bananas [amines] no apparent problem. …[571]

At 10 months old, my daughter [now two and a half] was hospitalized with croup and later we were told she has asthma ... As the cold nights set in this winter, her coughing increased to the point that I was up every 20 minutes comforting her … she has now been failsafe for three weeks with amazing results. By the end of the first day she coughed only once, same the second day and the next two days nothing … I've only made one mistake, when I gave her crackers which probably contained BHA (320) as a preservative in oil ... That night she was back to coughing every two minutes and using her ventolin puffer. After 24 hours she was okay again …[275]

[My son] developed croup and would have really bad nights where I would be up with him for hours with the steam running in the bathroom … [3 months after the whole family started the diet for his sister’s behaviour , his bouts of croup had stopped] – from story [100]

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According to these researchers “The role of diet in asthma is still debated.” However, in their questionnaire study of nearly 35,000 participants, healthier diet behaviours were associated with fewer asthma symptoms and greater asthma control -  Andrianasolo RM et al, Association between an individual dietary index based on the British Food Standard Agency Nutrient Profiling System and asthma symptoms.  Br J Nutr. 2019 Mar 29:1-22. Epub ahead of print

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