Failsafe lunchbox inspiration

With many thanks to failsafers who have contributed suggestions through the Sue Dengate facebook group, closed failsafe group, failsafe lunchbox menu and by email.


Lunchbox for 6.5yo

  • ....We are mod sal hence the peeled carrot, I usually pack celery with cream cheese instead but ran out! Everything else is ok for strict elimination … lunchbox is Go Green … iceberg lettuce is low sal … bread is Woolworths in-house wholemeal …  in the compartment on the right, the snacks are chick bits (skinnymixers Lunchbox Chicken Loaf slightly modified to make FS), Anzacs (without coconut!), Jatz, muesli bar and magic bean carob cake (slightly modified to make FS) – Karissa

  • I have just made that Lunchbox chicken loaf - not sure why I never tried it before but its great for a sandwich! (removed garlic, paprika and use FS oil). It was surprisingly easy to make - Rachael

  • That Lunchbox chicken loaf has been on irregular rotation in our place for a couple of years now. It's good, and so easy! It freezes and defrosts well, so it makes a great staple for sandwiches, chopped up for a pizza, cubed  … - Stephanie

Where to find failsafe recipes?

  • All recipes list on the Food Intolerance Network site - Sharyn

  • Look for links to failsafe recipes in facebook group threads, but there could be others – Sue

  • … Google is your friend. Type in whatever was suggested and “failsafe recipe” and you’ll probably find it. ? - Tracy

  •        The failsafe lunchbox menu started by Sarah is really good - Howard

  •        Every failsafer should get the regular newsletter from The Failsafe Table - it is fantastic. Always check for moderate ingredients

  •        There are more than 1,000 recipes with great photos and ideas all categorised to make it easy to search at - always check for moderate ingredients.

Q. I'm looking for lunchbox inspiration! What do your FS lunchboxes look like? I'm really struggling with what I'm going to put in my sons lunchbox! ? – Tanya

  • Sakata crackers and failsafe hummus dip, celery sticks, pikelets, pear or greenish banana (mod in amines), a few cashews (less than 10 but most schools etc are nut free), chicken burger or hamburger (loaded with fs veggies), caramel biscuits, pear slice. I put the baked things in frozen and they defrost by lunchtime. My daughter knows to eat the meat products first. She is onto some moderate foods now so can have carrot, cucumber and apple (twice a week). – Renee

Q. What are your go to for baked goods that can be made ahead of time. Frozen and eaten cold? So far i have sausage rolls and muffins? ? i need to be able to make things ahead of time ? thanks - Tanya

Q. What bread do u use? I’m having trouble finding a bread for miss 4 - Vanessa

  • I use Bakers Delight plain white block, bap rolls, or from Coles the white or wholemeal loaf or white or wholemeal rolls (make sure it is the bakery one though). Also Coles white wraps from bakery department but only available in some stores – Fran

  • Recommended by many failsafers: MEB bread pocket pita (ingredients wheat flour, water, yeast, salt)

       see filling suggestions from the fedup website
  • **WARNING** – the bread preservative (calcium propionate 282) is now often replaced by sodium propionate 281 misleadingly listed as cultured dextrose, cultured wheat flour or 'cultured' or 'fermented' anything … and claims of “No artificial preservatives” -  but it can have the same bad side effects. Read more...

Q. I'm new to this group and have a 5 year old boy who is bit wild on the ol food chemicals … I'd love (actually i need) some lunchbox ideas so i can give this little dude some more variety.. - Ess

  • One thing that worked for me was to make a list of all the foods my son is allowed and then figure out recipes from that, rather than looking up recipes - Helen

  • …  we get a very pure spelt bread (few ingredients) for sandwiches; could you also try cold quiche or little egg tortillas made in a muffin tin? Home-made failsafe hummus and cucumber sticks (if allowed, mod in sals), oat cakes, rice cakes with any allowed toppings, pasta salad … bean salad...some of the meals/ingredients seem "odd" at first but I have just plugged away with the same recipes, ignored whether or not they were eaten  and now they inevitably are (my two-year-old was happily munching pak choi (moderate sals) - yesterday) - Helen

  • Rice bubble crumb chicken with fries done in an air fryer is all 3 of my children's favourite meal and so easy. Pastry twists, homemade sausage rolls and rice crackers with cream cheese and good old ready salted potato chips are lunchbox winners here. – Nicola

Q. I am after GF and DF lunchbox ideas for a very active and hungry 5 year old who is on the strict FS diet - low tolerance....- Biddy

  • My son … mainly eats sushi rice balls, ricecakes with a small amount of cashew butter, or leftover meatballs or chicken schnitzel with GF pasta - Veronica

  • Nomato sauce and deli chicken  … it is simply fresh chicken poached in salt water. It has absolutely no spices and due to the short cook time and lower amine levels it is great for use in many dishes. My super responder can tolerate it in pasta dishes and fried rice as well as sandwiches … We dramatically dropped the salt. Much better. Sometimes I only use about a tablespoon… - Fran

  • I made a batch of GF mini pancakes/pikelets for my son. I used a2 milk but you could use soy. I then put in a little container of pure maple syrup. More for his recess. You could make a big batch and freeze the rest in portions as they will thaw in the lunchbox. I also made a large stash of mini meatballs, froze them (uncooked) and will cook them up the night before I need them and put this in their lunch box with some pear puree or pear chutney - Naree

  • Can you have egg? Grated/cooked/mashed veges or risotto with an egg stirred through. Fry into patties - Ruth

  • Chick chick burgers (with chicken and chickpea) are great with pear sauce. We use a Go Green lunch box and bag with a fridge to go ice panel and it stays cold all day – Fran 

  • He loves pear chutney (from the Failsafe Cookbook)! - Biddy

  • Magic bean carob cake, boiled eggs, a pasta salad with veg, fried rice with deli chicken and veg. Mini quiche with gf macaroni in it (See GF pastry in the Failsafe Cookbook) - Fran

  • Magic bean carob cake is great! … Egg and Mighty mayo sandwiches, Sunrice Mini Bites original, Simply 7 lentil chips, pear muffins made with gf flour (I also add psyllium husk and quinoa flakes for extra fibre) and rice bran oil instead of butter. Celery and hummus if he likes that – Mandy

  • I also make little veggie fritters using a thick pancake batter and about a cup, cup and a half of failsafe veggies. I use whatever is in the fridge but leek, celery and grated swede worked well. Can be served with hummus from Failsafe Cookbook- Jennifer

  • Rice paper rolls with left overs in them. Left overs go into the roll frozen to reduce amine build-up – Sandie (eg chicken and green bean rice paper rolls)

  • There is a good veggie bake recipe on the fedup website using GF flour and I always use the tolerated veggies from low group eg. celery, swede, cabbage or brussel sprouts, leek, garlic etc  - Helen

  • Baked my first batch of Margies Lunchbox Muffins (from the Failsafe Cookbook) today, GLUTEN FREE. Got the thumbs up from the kids. Wasn’t bad if I say so myself. They are all ready to go into the freezer to be put into lunch boxes... - Naree

Q. Would love some fresh lunchbox breakfast ideas ? gf df fs - Renae

  • I made the pear and chive muffins from Friendly Food yesterday. Pretty good … recipe says to eat same day as made … they all somehow disappeared between the three of us so I didn’t get to test them on the second day!!  - Elise

  • … I wasn’t sure if the food chemicals increased over time in them and that’s why you had to eat them same day …  Hubby is on the strict elimination diet so I’m just being super careful?? Rachel

  • Lunchbox for 5 yo: Mr 5 was very happy with his preschool lunchbox for lunch box training …  Tomorrow I will add magic bean carob cake instead of a plain muffin to add some colour lol … Hoping he copes with the chicken nuggets which we usually heat from frozen! … The weird looking mush is vanilla risotto that I squished in with a spoon lol … rice pudding made with arborio rice. So damn good hot or cold. He loves it with diced pear … the lunchbox is a fuel bento (google, eg  - Fran

From the fedup website recipes

  • Lunchbox mini pies … in a muffin tray. Pastry for bottom, fill with failsafe mince with cabbage in it or sliced beans (if wanting to get more vegies into them) and then top it with mash potato. My girls love these and take them as leftovers to school  – Nic

  • Mini crumpets
  • Failsafe Ants on a log - sticks of celery filled with failsafe cottage cheese or Amazing Quac dip, sprinkled with poppy seeds. Internationally recognised!


And many more …

Some failsafe packets

Teachers often complain that many students take nothing but packets in their lunchbox. It is possible to buy packets without nasty additives. Some are healthier than others.

According to dietitian Megan Cameron-Lee:

"Chick nuts are a crunchy, salty snack that is a healthy alternative to things like chips, while giving you an extra serves of legumes (with plenty of fibre and protein). They meet all of the nutrition panel recommendations and get the tick of approval from me!“

  • Chic Nuts: Chickpeas 90%, Canola Oil, Sea Salt 0.3%, Garlic Powder, **Warning**: Chic Nuts snack packs contain onion (not failsafe), while the ordinary ones only have Chick Peas, Canola Oil, Garlic Powder, Salt (failsafe). Read the label! – thanks to Michelle

  • Happy Snack Company Roasted Chic Peas lightly salted, ingredients Chickpeas 90%, Canola Oil, Sea Salt 0.3%, Garlic Powder

  • Beanfields bean and rice chips Sea salt flavour ingredients: black and navy beans (50%), organic brown rice (13%), brown rice (12%), sunflower oil and salt

  • Simply 7 Lentil Chips sea salt flavour. Ingredients: 5% lentil flour, potato starch, safflower oil, sea salt (note that these are mostly potato, not lentils).
  • Parker pretzels wheat flour, vegetable oil, glucose (corn), salt

  • Kettle original sea salt chips, ingredients potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt

  • Red Rock Deli sea salt potato chips contains potatoes, sunflower oil, salt 

  • Coles Original Crinkle Cut and ALDI Sprinters Original Crinkle Cut – ingredients potatoes, vegetable oil (palm), salt  … It appears that these 2 products may be the same. A tale of 2 chips: Joanna Moyle, a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, bought a packet of Original Crinkle Cut chips that was meant to have 20 individual bags of the Coles brand chips, but instead found a mixture of both Aldi and Coles chips that looked and tasted the same. Ms Moyle, who owns Pilates 101 on the Gold Coast, says she doesn’t eat chips all the time:

    “Chips or crisps are ok every now and then, just not part of your regular diet,” she said.  

**WARNING** Smiths chips now contain rosemary extract (very high sals) – so are no longer failsafe

More info

Teachers supporting diet for behaviour issues [1353]

Caution: cultured dextrose (and cultured wheat flour)

Intro to food intolerance

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