Podcast ‘Food and how it affects your child'

I recently recorded a podcast episode on food intolerance, based my book  Fed Up, for Chatabout Children with speech pathologist and children’s author Sonia Bestulic.


Before the interview, Sonia - perhaps because she is a writer herself -  sent me a list of questions that were some of the trickiest I’ve ever come across during my 25 years as an author.

The resulting podcast, according to Howard – for those who don’t know, my husband and food scientist Dr Howard Dengate – is ‘exhilarating and easy to listen to’.

The hardest question by far was:

“So many parents have written to you with their results; tell us about a couple of stories that stand out to you.”

At first I thought Sonia meant just speech issues – and we have plenty of those: speech delay, loud voice, stuttering, ASD (autistic) communication difficulties, and even dysphagia (slow eating and difficulty swallowing) that have responded dramatically to a change of diet.

But no, she was interested in the whole range of children’s behaviours that are affected by foods.

So I read through our thousands of reader success stories - often in tears, sharing the pain, joy and love as families discovered the difference in their child after a short time on their new diet – trying to pick only a few. It a very emotional moment when I shared them - and I managed to mention others during our chat, as well.

The podcast is now live https://chataboutchildren.com/food-and-how-it-affects-your-child/

If you go to Facebook; like/follow chataboutchildren.com – from there you can share the post of the episode, as it has all the other alternate ways that people can link into the episode using their preferred podcast players e.g. iTunes, Stitcher etc.

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