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The Food Intolerance Network provides information and support for people worldwide using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.


NOT all in your head!

Ear infections – grommets OR diet?

Alopecia and diet - reader stories

Cook's corner: latest At the Failsafe Table #70 - Tiramisu Cake with Mascarpone Icing, Cabbage, Leek & Potato Tart, Pear Pudding Cake and many more

Success stories: [1634] – [1639]

[1639] One-liners (June 2022) “anxiety and mood swings left”, ”massive game-changer“, "sleep has been AMAZING!“
[1638] To "encourage others who may be new to FAILSAFE" (June 2022)
[1637] Reaction to Children's Panadol (April 2022)
[1636] "I have lost about 8 kg in 5 months" (April 2022)
[1635] 160b: 16 years of gastric issues (March 2022)
[1634] 282: Propionate removal “like a miracle” (February 2022)

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Frequently Asked Questions

In brief:

Cibophobia (food anxiety)

Aren't you glad you are failsafe (lead in juices)?

Sue Dengate's famous presentation “Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” is now available to view for free (1hr 12mins).


Histamines and use of DAO (diamine oxidase enzyme)

Failsafe shopping list:

Food Intolerance Resources from RPAH; SPECIAL OFFER on Friendly Food

SPECIAL OFFER on Wein Personal ionizer rechargeable AS300R

Factsheets: over 100 science-based information sheets on symptoms and additives. See also video resources. See also story collections

Support community: Failsafers talking to each other. New and updated dietitians.

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Hello everyone

This Newsletter 104 is in a shorter format - thanks everyone for contributing. Any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Unrecognised food intolerance can cause life-long disability, as story [1634] says about eight years of CFS and non-reading due to propionates! We all need to spread the word about this.

The main articles are on hair loss, ear infections, and the very popular NOT all in your head.

Other fascinating reader stories

"orange colored vit C gummies. He got really sick but I thought it was more COVID symptoms ... Annatto..."

"on the baseline elimination/failsafe diet ... without calorie counting ... I have lost about 8 kg in 5 months"

"my 22 month old on Kids' Panadol is restless and angry ... may be sensitive to some of the added ingredients"

salicylates "success...a major source of reaction seemed to be coming from bark in the playground and/or climbing trees at school, we trialled wearing gloves...."

inspiration from [1639] One-liners “anxiety and mood swings left”, ”massive game-changer“, "sleep has been AMAZING!“

And that failsafe tiramisu (thanks Rona)!

Now read on - Sue Dengate


NOT all in your head!


For failsafers with fragrance sensitivity, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia, there is very good news.

An observational study from McMaster University in Canada has shown that neuroplasticity-based brain retraining can produce significant improvement in these symptoms.

    “Neuroplasticity-based treatment for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivity: feasibility and outcomes” - Guenter D et al. (2019)

Researchers studied 102 people who attended a DNRS neuroplasticity-based brain retraining course. Their symptoms included

  • anxiety-chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)
  • chronic pain
  • depression
  • fibromyalgia
  • food allergies/sensitivities
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Lyme disease
  • migraines/headaches
  • multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)
  • neurological disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Quality of life and function improved dramatically over 12 months.

"All in your head”?

DNRS is the course I did in 2017 for severe fragrance sensitivity and MCS. After one week, my symptoms had improved dramatically. Five years later, the MCS - including fragrance sensitivity - remains completely gone.

“So it really is all in your head,” said one friend.


When people say that, they mean the condition is imagined. This is a very real condition due to cross-wiring in the brain’s limbic system - and it can be remedied by brain retraining!!!


Ear infections – grommets OR diet?

  • By the age of four, about 8 in 10 Australian kids will have had an ear infection
  • Failsafers report that diet works quickly and removes the need for grommets
  • Most doctors don’t mention diet, despite long waiting times for surgery due to covid, yet glue ear can cause hearing impairment leading to serious speech and language developmental delay.


Frequent ear infections are often a symptom of food intolerance. In our experience, the RPAH elimination diet helps to find out exactly which food chemicals are causing the problem.

Cows' milk in particular has been linked to recurrent ear infections but our readers report that the culprit can be any of the following - dairy, salicylates, amines, additives or a combination.

“When I told (the paediatrician) we had seen huge results on the diet he said he would never expect a parent to go to that much trouble and would therefore never suggest it ...” – Wendy from story [699]

“My belief is…she (the paediatrician) does not emphasise the food intolerance aspect enough and tends to concentrate on the antibiotics and grommet course of treatments” – Simone from story [007]


Alopecia and diet - reader stories

Alopecia (hair loss) can be associated with

  • gluten intolerance

“I have been gluten free now for three years and have had no more problems with alopecia

“Your mention of alopecia areata and gluten in "Fed Up" led to my being diagnosed with coeliac disease...it has led to a huge improvement in my quality of life

  • chronic diarrhoea eg due to irritable/inflammatory bowel symptoms

“...I talked with his gastro and he said take him off all annatto give it three weeks and see what happens.  His hair grew back, he gained 10 lbs and has had normal stool since!

READ MORE with scientific references

Alopecia factsheet


You can always find more recipe ideas at https://www.fedup.com.au/recipes or Failsafe Cookbook

Every failsafer should get the regular newsletter from The Failsafe Table - it is fantastic May - July 2022 #70 has this mind-blowing Tiramisu Cake with Mascarpone Icing – other recipes among many included a vegan Cabbage, Leek & Potato Tart and a Pear Pudding Cake that I am going have to try. Thanks Rona at Domestic Diva Unleashed! focusses on gluten-free with creative inspiring recipes.


You can find more great recipes at Domestic Diva Unleashed, Cooking for Oscar, Failsafe Foodie, Real Meals and Failsafe Decorated Cakes. 


There's a recipe index of ANY Failsafe recipes on ANY blog. So far there are more than 1,000 recipes with great photos and ideas all categorised to make it easy to search  http://pinterest.com/failsafetable/ 

Failsafe Thermomix group with recipes and a place to ask questions etc https://www.facebook.com/groups/139914166142279/

I bought a Thermomix a couple of months ago, and absolutely love it. These machines are totally awesome, so pure and clean, and I truly believe that if we’d had a Thermomix years ago when our son was at his worst, it would have saved us a lot of heartache, as well as time and money - Susan.

And the very useful weekly meal plan website https://mealsplans.wordpress.com/

You can scroll through the full text of all stories: for every story we report, there are probably another 10 that cover similar issues. And these are just the ones we get to hear about. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Success story collections: organised by symptom or by additive keywords are proving the most popular downloads from the website. They'll be added to as time permits.

People tell us that stories are so useful and positive!

[1639] One-liners (June 2022)

I used to be very moody and had a lot of anxiety. My husband just thought I was a pain in the butt haha. My anxiety and mood swings left after about 2 months of strict failsafe - Louis

My little guy barely tolerated food at all until after 2 and RPAH was a massive game changer for us. It’s not a complete solve but it set us on a path to finding more foods he can tolerate – Denni

We are on our 3rd week of strict elimination diet and free from soy, dairy and gluten. Finally - 3 nights of this week his sleep has been AMAZING! - waking only 2-3 times a night and going back to sleep easy with quick side lying nursing (instead his usual 10 times wakings, crying, being squirmy and restless, needing to be held and walked). So grateful to Sue Dengates Fed Up book and this group! 💕 - Nellie UK

[1638] To "encourage others who may be new to FAILSAFE" (June 2022)

ust thought I'd encourage others who may be new to FAILSAFE or are finding the process challenging.

We began this journey for my son almost 4 years ago. While it has helped him beyond measure and I will be forever grateful that we discovered the cause of his challenges, it hasn't been without its battles and has certainly be an emotional roller coaster.

Over the years we have tried to begin the process of liberating and building his intolerance but each time we were unsuccessful. Particularly once he started school (despite them being incredibly supportive) and spent more time visiting others, it became difficult to determine what he was being exposed to that was causing reactions. So many "mystery" sources meant there was never room in his bucket to try extra things.

BUT...finally we have begun to have success. After recognising that a major source of reaction seemed to be coming from bark in the playground and/or climbing trees at school, we trialled wearing gloves. Since then we have seen him overcome what, last term, had become an almost constant cycle of reaction.

Better still, last Friday he was able to have half an apple unpeeled without any symptoms.  He also had a sausage (containing sals and 223) and a marshmallow (without my knowledge) on Sunday and has also succeeded in tolerating that.

With the help of the gloves, we are now thrilled to be able to begin the process of liberating and trialling new foods.

I am also excited to see him feeling so much better in himself, to be able to better navigate challenges AND have also noticed that his reading has improved. He is also making great progress with his music thanks to his increased level of focus and concentration.

I definitely encourage anyone who is having doubts or feeling disheartened by setbacks they encounter to keep trying. It really is worth it - Becky

[1637] Reaction to Children's Panadol (April 2022)

I have a 22 month old who doesn’t react well to Kids' Panadol (he gets restless and angry, different to the symptoms of being unwell). I suspect like my 4.5 yr old son he may be sensitive to some of the added ingredients. My older son reacts to additives, glutamates and a build up of sals, he gets defiant, negative, angry and moody. Thank you for the work you do! It has been a life changer for my older son and our family! - Sarah :)
[1636] "I have lost about 8 kg in 5 months" (April 2022)

I am currently in the baseline part of the elimination/failsafe diet, keeping sals predominantly low with the occasional moderate. I have found without calorie counting that I have lost about 8 kg in 5 months - Joan

See factsheet on failsafe weight loss

[1635] 160b: 16 years of gastric issues (March 2022)


My son who is 16 has suffered from gastric issues his entire life. We had no idea why and he has had tests done etc. When he had COVID a couple months ago we gave him orange colored vit C gummies. He got really sick but I just thought it was more symptoms related to COVID. He was not feeling well recently and gave him the same gummies. He again got very sick. We looked at the ingredients and found Annatto. We started researching it and was shocked and knew instantly by the foods annatto is in that this is the reason to his issues that mimic IBS. Though I am glad to know of his allergy I am shocked to see how many foods have it in them.

Thanks for your research on this so we have an answer and can eliminate annatto from his diet - Jen.

See factsheet on annatto 160b

[1634] 282: Propionate removal “like a miracle” (February 2022)

I recently discovered Failsafe and found it profoundly helpful. After removing the Calcium Propionate from my son’s diet, he was able to read books again. He has M.E., diagnosed 8 years ago. He lost the ability to read books, so this was like a miracle. Small change, big impact.

My brother also stopped buying bread with calcium propionate, he was feeling exhausted all the time and suffering from brain fog. From the first week he already felt the difference – Marcia (UK)

(Sue comment: what an amazing story, 8 years of CFS and non-reading due to propionates!)

See blog on confirmed harm from bread preservative

And a similar report on diagnosis of CFS really due to 282 propionate

Don’t forget, you can search for stories/symptoms or scroll through all current stories 


Frequently Asked Questions are the result of a lot of work by many people. Over 322,000 people have viewed them!

You can search all or scroll through them all classified as follows:

  • Additive questions
  • Diet questions
  • Food and product questions
  • Graphic answers for the 9 most common questions
  • Medications and supplement questions
  • Perfume and chemical sensitivity questions
  • Personal care and household cleaning questions
  • Support questions
  • Symptom questions


Here are graphics for the 9 most common questions


Cibophobia (food anxiety)

Cibophobia, or the fear of food, is an increasingly common condition affecting both adults and children. Dietitians encounter individuals affected by this and can help distinguish it from food intolerance. https://educationinnutrition.com.au/news/fear-of-food-presented-by-marthe-van-iwaarden-psychologist

Aren't you glad you are failsafe (lead in juices)?

In April the USFDA flagged reduction of allowable levels of lead in juices from 50 parts per billion to 10 ppb (apple) or 20 ppb (other juices) - glad we avoid them. A big step, let us see how long FSANZ takes to act.....

Sue Dengate's famous presentation “Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” is now available to view for free (1hr 12mins).

Subtitled version in 6 languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish) can also be viewed for free.

The Bonus material (interviews with parents) can only be seen in purchased version



Histamines and use of DAO (diamine oxidase enzyme)

Due to facebook questions on this topic, Howard reviewed recent literature and concluded that the RPAH protocol avoids nearly all foods regarded as important for histamine intolerance and provides relief to more than 80% of patients; supplementation with diamine oxidase (DAO) has yet to be proven any better.


Food Intolerance Resources from RPAH at https://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/rpa/allergy/resources/foodintol/resources.html 

The following resources have been made available on the condition that they are for personal use only and may not be distributed:

  • Elimination Diet shopping guide
  • NSW & ACT butchers
  • Toiletries & Personal care products
  • Medications
  • Nutritional Supplements

NOTE the failsafe shopping lists on www.fedup.com.au is being regularly updated to reflect changes. If using the shopping lists, check for a current date at the bottom of the list.

The failsafe sausages list has been updated again. Please email directly with changes, preferably in the format in the list, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. People continue to rave about the real flavour of these sausages!

The completely revised and updated Friendly Food from RPAH is now available at $38.00 including post and GST from the Food Intolerance Network store

Friendly Foodsmall

SPECIAL OFFER because it costs no more to post these:

  • Friendly Food (at cost) $38.00 incl postage & GST
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SPECIAL OFFER on Wein Personal ionizer rechargeable AS300R

Some people have asked if they can upgrade from their old battery Wein personal ionizer (AS180i, no longer sold) to the new rechargeable AS300R model. This model produces 25 times more ions, some 50 million positive ions per cubic cm at up to 1 metre in still conditions.

I'm offering to upgrade at cost plus GST and postage, which is $110.00 for a brand-new AS300R. They cost $128.50 otherwise.

To take this offer, buy a new AS300R at https://store16061019.ecwid.com/Wein-ionizer-air-purifiers-personal-and-room-models-p128364942 and in the comments section put your old order number (if you have it) or the name you used when buying the old AS180i.

We will make an immediate refund of the difference in price.

If you want some inspiration, try the COURAGE AWARD story collection - 40 pages of brilliance!

Most recent FOUR story collections: 160b annatto, 282 propionates, epilepsy and autism – if anyone wants to help update a story collection (all you need is time and some word processing skills) please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Factsheets provide science-based access to information on added and natural chemicals, on symptoms and support. See full list of over 100 factsheets and remember that you can use the search function to search all factsheets (Information>Factsheets>Search all factsheets)

Don't forget that there is great collection of short videos to help answer your questions and understand food intolerance.

Thanks for your continuing support of each other!

**WARNING** www.food-intolerance-network.com is a spam website funded by the shadowy “Society for Public Health” about which no information is available. We think it is a food industry spam site and complaints about stealing our name have been unanswered. Use www.realfoodintolerancenetwork.com to find us directly.

A video-graphic introduction to food intolerance from one of our Network members (2 mins): Food intolerances, what are they? Thanks to Steph Aromataris www.stepharomataris.com


Diet not working as well as you'd hoped? One tiny mistake can make a huge difference. For fine-tuning, see the Checklist of common mistakes. Readers tell us this list is very useful. You can also ask for our Salicylate, Amine and Glutamate mistakes sheets This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online support: Sue Dengate facebook group (over 18,300 members, open forum meaning the public can see your posts).

Closed failsafe group https://www.facebook.com/groups/352777968116759/ with over 5,400 members (the public cannot see your posts)
USA facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/284241571702972/ Note that this group has changed its name to Failsafe USA Products.
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twitter-bird-blue-on-whitetweet as @failsafers (note the plural). See all tweets https://twitter.com/failsafers

The Food Intolerance Network website has had over 13 million visits

Dietitians: Remember that we always recommend that people use one of our supportive and experienced dietitians for best results. Do it once and do it properly and then you will know which food intolerances you have and how to manage them. There is now a list of dietitians able to consult in languages other than English, and overseas.

For failsafe-friendly dietitians, see the regularly updated http://fedup.com.au/information/support/dietitians There is no longer any need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for this list.

Many dietitians are now online and the cost (typically $80 per half hour) can be rebated from most health funds. Ask them when making contact. As one dietitian said,”I use Coviu which is a video conferencing service developed by the CSIRO for Australian allied health workers. It is encrypted end to end so it has a very high privacy. I can show education videos, share documents, patients can fill out forms for me and I can see them in real time so it is going really well”. See also a list of dietitians able to consult in languages other than English, and overseas.


DVD "Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” has subtitles in six languages. (In PAL format only, not available with subtitles in NTSC format. But NTSC format DVDs are at a reduced price of only $14.50 including postage through the shop on www.fedup.com.au). As a reward for reading this newsletter so thoroughly, the first person to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their mailing address will receive a copy of our DVD free for each issue (only one person has ever claimed this!)

brochureflags flagFinland

: are available in many languages
in a printer-friendly format (thanks to Failsafe members for translating!). Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help with other languages. Brochure in Chinese. Latest brochure in Finnish.

All Failsafe Newsletters can be searched and printed. There is a wealth of research, issue discussion, recipes, personal reports and recipes now available in one place. But some of the links are out of date and you must always check current products rather than relying on historical information.

Success story collections: These are the most popular downloads from the website,
organised by symptom and by additive. The latest collection is on violence and aggression (54 pages)

The Food Intolerance Network strongly supports the peer-reviewed publication of evidence regarding the effects of salicylates on health, behaviour and learning and acknowledges that more research needs to be published, particularly using dietary salicylates. However the very foundation of science is observation and these observations over many years show an astonishing and convincing range of real symptoms. We hope that they may assist in stimulating further research publication.

Reintroduction guidelines: for people who are extra sensitive, the new RPAH reintroduction guidelines recommend much smaller servings of salicylate and amine containing foods than previously, see reader comment below. Available on request from
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much for the new RPAH reintroduction recommendations. I now understand why when I tried to ascertain my tolerance levels and did as my dietician recommended (try 1/2 a cup of salicylates) that my symptoms returned very quickly. ½ a cup is 100 times ¼ of a teaspoon, and given my scent problems I’m probably highly sensitive. Now I can try again. - failsafer, NZ

Privacy statement about emails and reports: Your email addresses and stories are never shared with anyone without your express permission. Names in stories are often changed to better protect the privacy of those providing them but the original emails are held in a secure location to provide evidence that these are real reports and that express permission to share them has been granted.

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Sue Dengate’s personal story as an ebook only $3.99: Fed Up with Food Intolerance - a personal story 

"Of all your books, your ebook Fed Up with Food Intolerance is my favourite ­ I just couldn’t put it down" - from Fed Up Roadshow 2015

Look inside


This is the story that helped thousands of parents and adults understand this baffling disorder.

Buy direct at https://store16061019.ecwid.com/
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Disclaimer: the information given is not intended as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor for possible underlying illness. Before beginning dietary investigation, consult a dietician with an interest in food intolerance. Information is drawn from the scientific literature, web research, group members and personal enquiry; while all care is taken, information is not warranted as accurate and the Food Intolerance Network and Sue Dengate cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions.

© Sue Dengate 2022 (text) PO Box 718 WOOLGOOLGA NSW 2456, Australia but material can be reproduced with acknowledgement. Thanks to the many members who have written, phoned and contributed to this newsletter and particularly to Rona, Teresa and Tracy for their help with recipes, facebook and story collections. Further reading and viewing: Fed Up and The Failsafe Cookbook by Sue Dengate (Random House Australia), Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour (DVD) by Sue Dengate

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