Hello Everyone

Here are some great kids paying tribute to the cover of the Failsafe Cookbook – thanks Jodie!

Hello everyone

Failsafe Newsletter 104 is out, in a shorter format - thanks everyone for contributing. Any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Unrecognised food intolerance can cause life-long disability, as story [1634] says about eight years of CFS and non-reading due to propionates! We all need to spread the word about this.

The main articles are on hair loss, ear infections, and the very popular NOT all in your head.

Other fascinating reader stories

"orange colored vit C gummies. He got really sick but I thought it was more COVID symptoms ... Annatto..."

"on the baseline elimination/failsafe diet ... without calorie counting ... I have lost about 8 kg in 5 months"

"my 22 month old on Kids' Panadol is restless and angry ... may be sensitive to some of the added ingredients"

salicylates "success...a major source of reaction seemed to be coming from bark in the playground and/or climbing trees at school, we trialled wearing gloves...."

inspiration from [1639] One-liners “anxiety and mood swings left”, ”massive game-changer“, "sleep has been AMAZING!“

And that failsafe tiramisu (thanks Rona)!


Now read on - Sue Dengate

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