Current campaigns

The Food Intolerance Network runs campaigns of public action to improve the lives of people with food intolerance.

Here are some of our wins over the last 17 years

  • The bread preservative calcium propionate 282 also called cultured dextrose is now rarely used in Australian and New Zealand white sliced breads (BUT it is used in most wraps, flat breads, bread rolls, crumpets, muffins and many specialty breads including gluten free and some organic. Sorbate preservatives 200, 202 are now often used in some breads - not acceptable to us! - and as well, vinegar used as a preservative can be an issue for some)

  • Synthetic antioxidants (like BHA 320) are no longer in retail oils and spreads in Australia (BUT it is used in most catering oils, in retail oils in NZ, and in very light spreads)
  • Artificial colours are steadily vanishing from supermarkets as food manufacturers are responding to consumer pressure (BUT they are still widely used in catering versions of the same foods)
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate 621) is rarely found as an additive now (BUT it is being increasingly added in other sneaky forms like hydolysed vegetable protein and yeast extract, and its effects are being boosted by use of ribonucleotides 627, 631, 635)
  • Illegal sulphite preservative use in mince has been markedly reduced (BUT eternal vigilance is needed)

  • Annatto  natural yellow colour (colour 160b, affects some consumers worse than artificial colours) has been removed from Sanitarium So Good Vanilla Bliss frozen soy ice cream and Vaalia vanilla yoghurt. Thanks to Lyndel and all who emailed about this issue.
  • Sorbate preservatives 200 or 202 in cream cheese. It is now possible in Australia to buy many preservative free versions of cream cheese. We hear that in Canada this is not the case - thanks to Janet

You can help by writing letters and submissions. Together we have had a big impact on the safety of our food supply.

Currently targetting

The Helga's Continental Bakehouse "Mixed Grain Wraps" claim on the packaging "no preservative 282" (which is calcium propionate) but the list of ingredients includes "cultured dextrose", which is a propionate-based preservative. Dextrose has been cultured with propionibacteria to produce a preservative indistinguishable from that which is claimed not to be present in these wraps. This is clearly intended to mislead consumers into thinking that this product does not contain the bread preservative, which many consumers seek to avoid and which has been shown to affect children and adults in their health, behaviour and learning. See more details

Diet success? - tell your doctor: 'We are in the first week of the diet and have already seen big improvements in my 3 yo son's behaviour. The worst part is that we have been experiencing this unsettled, screaming, fighting to eat behaviour since he was 3 weeks old. The paediatrician told us at a 6 week check that he had behavioural problems, but never once stated anything about food. We (my new baby and I) were admitted to hospital when he was 6 weeks old due to complete exhaustion. I will most definitely write to our paediatrician and advise on my son's improvements'. – thanks to Eleanor

Here are our current campaigns

Annatto colour count

School canteens and tuckshops

Product of the year and Nasty food awards


Here are some of the past campaigns that we have initiated or participated in, with your help:

Additive-free trials in schools

Artificial food colours

Asthma and diet

Bread preservative research

Consumer surveys

Freedom of Information from FSANZ

Sulphite surveys