Book reviews

The Food Intolerance Network receives many books for review. As time permits brief reviews will appear here, ranked on a five point scale from best ♥♥♥♥♥ for failsafers to worst.

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♥♥♥ From Toxic Trolley to The Trusted Trolley - Kelli Penman, Michelle Bowles, Alana Allen, and Nyssa Millington have just released a new book that gives the engaging and funny stories of four families who went additive-free then came together to help other parents. Their website gives more information, recipes and support and there is further subscription-based support at

The novel classification of additives to avoid is more broad than failsafe and includes a range of health problems including some where references are not given. For example, they avoid soem chemicals without providing any basis for the decision. From the point of view of food intolerance, their recipes do not pay sufficient attention to natural food chemicals and include a lot of foods that are not allowed for failsafe, such as lemons, coconut and herbs. Salicylates, amines and glutamates naturally present in these foods can cause as many problems as additives for some people.

For people starting on their additive-free journey, this is an interesting and useful place to start.

Particularly interestingly is an excellent summary of the corruption of the food additive approval process in the USA, which applies equally to Australian and New Zealand.

43% of food additives are designated Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and don't get USFDA oversight because food additive manufactures can decide for themselves if new additives are GRAS without consulting the USFDA. A study found that many of the scientists who make those decisions have conflicts of interest. 35% of food additives deemed harmless were evaluated by manufacturer or contractor hired by manufacturer.

Conflicts of Interest in Approvals of Additives to Food Determined to Be Generally Recognized as Safe (by Thomas G. Neltner, Heather M. Alger, James T. O’Reilly, Sheldon Krimsky, Lisa A. Bero and Maricel V. Maffini, JAMA Internal Medicine)


♥♥♥ The Silent Threat by Professor Alfred Poulos (Professor Alfred Poulos, PO Box 627, Magill SA 5072, 2005, $A20.00 145pp ISBN 09757862-0-2) The increasing "chemicalisation" of the entire food chain is thoroughly detailed from pesticides, fertilizer, antibiotics and hormones, packaging and additives to food processing and the water we drink. With many scientific references from his medical background as Chief Medical Officer at Adelaide Women and Children's Hospital, there is lack of interest in behavioural issues and no mention of natural food chemicals like salicylates. The intake of chemicals from a hot shower in chlorinated water was an eye-opener – reviewed by Howard Dengate 2007.

♥♥ Living with Food Intolerance by Alex Gazzola (Sheldon Press, London, 2005, £7.99 118pp ISBN 085969-930-0 This UK journalist understands the bewildering range of symptoms and diagnosis difficulties of food intolerance but has a traditional view that ranks wheat, dairy, eggs, sugar and yeast at the top of a list of causes, with additives and natural food chemicals at the bottom, exactly contrary to scientific evidence from world research leaders at Australia's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Most of the issues that drive parents mad are lumped under "emotional disturbance" and he's big on Leaky Gut Syndrome, enzyme deficiency and "yeast dysbiosis" as causes and short on knowledge of natural chemicals like salicylates and amines. No scientific references - reviewed by Howard Dengate 2007.

Fight For Your Health: Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America by Byron J. Richards. (1-933927-17-8 Published by Truth in Wellness, 2006) Byron Richards is a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has exposed how the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) wants globalization so it can regulate natural health options, including nutritional supplements. This will eliminate competition for drug company profits and to fortify the drug company monopoly on healthcare. Too soon the Big Pharmaceuticals are pushing mind altering drugs to children all with the help of the Government. The FDA have known for 20 years some side effects of drugs mainly targeted to children. Be especially aware of the drugs Cymbalta, Zoloft and Zyprexa. The FDA and Eli Lilly covered up 20 deaths and 12 suicides among individuals taking Zyprexa and warns that it could cause diabetes. Byron also tells you how to keep your family healthy in this book. Not for the faint hearted this book does uncover some terrible secrets – reviewed by Jeanette 2007.