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You are welcome to freely download the track notes and useful information about trekking in Nepal provided below.

Independent trekking in Nepal

The most enjoyable form of trekking is to go independently, carrying your own equipment and staying in village lodges, eating local food and directly benefitting local communities. If you want to take a guide and/or porter, then arrange to pay your lodging and meals directly to the householders and separately pay your guide and/or porter an agreed daily rate plus a tip at the end. Most of the track notes below are to remoter areas of Nepal and are only accessible with government-issued permits which require that you take a guide. You may also wish to take porters if necessary.

Howard's hints for happy trekking - find out how to avoid blisters, how not run out of money, to avoid the runs, acclimatize well and lots more…(January 2014)   PDF

                                                     Dolpo                 Mustang        Muktinath     Kangchenjunga-Makalu   Kangchenjunga


                            Manaslu Tsum Valley  Shivalaya to Lukla high route  Khumbu Arun Valley

 Kangchenjunga Trek track notes - the Kangchenjunga area offers some superb but difficult trekking in remote northeastern Nepal – permit and guide required. (updated January 2014)   PDF

World Wildlife Fund plans luxury lodge in Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga to Makalu track notes - hard GHT trekking including Lumbasumba Pass, Lady's Lake and Makalu basecamp - permits and guides required for some (December 2017)

Khumbu to Arun Valley track notes - whether you walk into the Everest area or not, this is a great scenic and cultural exit route to Tumlingtar and a flight back to Kathmandu. (April 2010) PDF

Shivalaya to Lukla high route track notes - 15 day camping trip, mostly above 4000m, joining together part of the Numbur Cheese Circuit with part of the Dudh Kund pilgrimage and then making an exciting exit direct to Lukla (October 2018) PDF

Manaslu Tsum Valley track notes - this superb trek is probably the premier route left in Nepal now that roads have intruded into so far into the round Annapurna trek – permit and  guide required. (updated November 2015)  PDF

Muktinath to Kagbeni walk - if you do trek around Annapurna, here’s a non-dusty non-jeep way to get a glimpse of the mysterious Mustang culture and kingdom in just one day, and maybe even see blue sheep. (December 2010)   PDF

Upper Mustang in early winter track notes - arid, high and empty, this might be the best scenic and cultural trek in Nepal at this time of year – permit and guide required. (December 2010)   PDF

Dolpo track notes - difficult to very difficult, very remote and culturally fascinating for the explosion of Buddhism there from 900-1400 AD - permit and guides not required for Dhorpatan but required with camping for Lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo and GHT High Route from Jumla to Shey Gompa via Rara Lake. (updated February 2017)   PDF


Two useful topographical maps sources: and

How to get trekking permits for all areas - thanks to Pradeep!

300 Nepali words and phrases useful for trekking (pdf)

First aid kit for remoter areas of Nepal (pdf)

Gear kit for Nepal trekking (pdf)

Visa form for airport arrival (1 copy and 1 passport photo required) (pdf) - while I have never had a problem with the download form available here,  you can now obtain your visa online. The process is very rigid: be careful      A Nepal charity has prepared this help page

Dalai Lama chanting Maha Mritunjaya Mantra (pdf and mp4 audio)

Children in the remote Tsum Valley have very poor access to educational materials so we have started fundraising to help them. Our Tsumba friend Lobsang says "Chhokangparo is one of biggest household in upper Tsum . Large number of childrens also and school is still in poor condition. We try to better education but still many lack of physical facility and mentally reading culture and value of education in own soil . If this project will success we also have the biggest satisfaction in life to do something for own community". Here are some photos taken by Lobsang.

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Current total donated to Tsum Valley (October 2013) $A1000.00 Every little bit helps! Thanks. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have a question.


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