Clean label policy a disaster for consumers

Reassured by appearances, consumers are responding to the new clean label policy by inadvertently consuming heaps of additives.

As artificial colours are replaced by annatto, sulphite preservatives are replaced by sorbates and flavour enhancer 621 gives way to free glutamates, we are receiving increasing reports of reactions – including children’s behaviour and headbanging, itchy rashes, heart symptoms and anxiety - to annatto natural colour, sorbate preservatives and MSG substitutes in their myriad forms from people who didn’t even realise their food contained additives.


“If you see “No added MSG” on a label, it means in nearly every case the exact opposite,” says Sue Dengate. “In fact, it usually means that there ARE added glutamates that will affect anyone sensitive to this flavour enhancer.”

Learn more about how to read clean labels and get past the deceptions.

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