Failsafe changed my life


A father who is a single parent wrote to Howard recently:

“The work you and Sue do is truly life changing for so many people,
and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the changes I can see
in my 11 year old son”

He is one of hundreds of failsafers who have written to us to say thank you because the diet that we support - the RPAH elimination diet from Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit - has changed their lives, as you can see below.

Reader stories

        about children

The Fed up website… has changed our life for the better and helped us in so many ways, I am forever grateful… Basically all of the behaviours …disappeared around week 3 of the failsafe diet – Danielle from story [1607]

Failsafe changed our lives. Our son couldn’t stay on task long, struggled to deal with other people changing what he was doing/playing with, etc. We have been failsafe for over a year. We did doctors first but got nowhere… – Donna from story [1612]

After nearly 4 years of significant sleep problems with my son, we now describe both our children as very good sleepers, and this is entirely due to diet.  My son is also doing extremely well in school, again entirely thanks to dietary changes… for us, it has been life-changing – Ursula from story [1341]

95eczemasmall  This diet has certainly been life changing for my son. He has gone from being covered in a hive like rash every day of his life, to just having a bit of eczema – Charmaine from story [1553] 

… When he was 5 he was diagnosed with autism...When he was 12 I had him assessed again after 5 years of following failsafe … The change was so dramatic that the psych no longer considered him autistic (all those pre-failsafe foods caused his autistic traits)….. It changed his life but it also changed ours… – Annette from story [1584]

We started failsafe eating several years ago after going to the pharmacist with a script for Ritalin for my son… The pharmacist said 'for oppositional defiance, you need to read this book and look at food'.  It changed our lives – Shane from story [1480]

        about teens

I cannot even express to you in words how you have changed my life...I started eating less and less of the high chemical foods I had been eating and more Failsafe foods. As I slowly cut out the foods I was sensitive to, my body was starting to heal! The eating disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and awful stomach aches and pains went away!!! It was amazing!!!!  – Teenager (15, USA) from story [1439]

I started failsafe eating in absolute desperation with my 14 year-old son (ADHD, ODD) … he has attempted suicide several times… Today is day 15 on the diet and he is going great...Not only has his behaviour changed but also his stomach pains and migraines are a thing of the past… Thank you for your website that changed our lives and made my teenager happier. The difference has been unbelievable – Janelle from story [648]

        about adults

This diet literally SAVED me and changed my life at age 22. I wish I had found it earlier. You will see improvements within 3 days if you are strict. You’ll never look back! – Jacqui from story [1500]

I suffered for 40 years before I discovered my intolerances, my health seems to have reversed. I’m in excellent health now. I was on prednisone for salicylate induced asthma, drugs for reflux & skin issues. Now no drugs at all…It changed my life – Kath from story [1622]

Fed Up changed my life for the better. Finally got my baby to sleep and identified source of my own migraines and health issues – Tashi from story [1570]

1536   This time last year, as you can see in the pics I was severely overweight. I was sick all the time, migraines, IBS symptoms, asthma, frequent stomach ulcer attacks...The other pics are of me today, 60kgs weight loss (have literally halved my weight)… off all medication… sleep through the night…A huge thank you to Sue Dengate, who has literally changed my life… – Sarah from story [1536]

This diet has changed our lives and if I could shout it from the rooftops I would.!!!! – Jaycinta from story [1393]

…thank you so much for your book, it has changed my life. I just wish doctors would tell you about trying different diets to help asthma - I could have done with knowing years ago! – Rosemaree from story [874]

…ALL of my life I have suffered from very frequent urination, constipation, stomach bloating, short temper, irritability, inability to concentrate, memory problems, severe acne, dry skin,, restless legs, and more ...<sigh>…  Thank you so much for your work, and your book. Both have changed my life forever. I am finally free of a problem which has literally ruined my life. In case you're wondering, I'm 37 years old ... And yes, 36 years is WAY too long to suffer with this health problem … from story [125]

Please thank Sue for the life-changing work she does, for sharing your family’s struggle to inspire other families and for the support and education the website provides. It has certainly opened my eyes and helped me to point other parents in the right direction. I can’t believe that western medicos are still not being educated or considering the impact of food on our health – Natalie from story [1215]

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