Fed up with hyperactivity


In a stunning new reader story, Danielle explains how she was at her wit’s end when she started looking for something about diet that could help with the behaviour of her young children:

“there was so much mixed information on the internet I just wanted to cry…

"I typed in 'fed up with hyperactivity' in frustration and there was ... the Fed up website and it has changed our life for the better and helped us in so many ways…

"all of the behaviours disappeared around week 3 of the failsafe diet … It was such a transformation - we got to see these two completely different kids for who they really are not who the food turned them into!” – from story [1607]

The behaviours that disappeared in week 3

4 yo son: * hyperactivity * no impulse control * didn’t like loud noises * defiance* OCD * hard to get to sleep * phases of night wakings * sensory issues * mood swings * extremely fussy eater * anxiety * autistic traits (salicylates and amines) * no volume control * strips off his clothes (salicylates) * aggressive behavior * constantly running away.

6 yo daughter: * hyperactive * extremely aggressive towards 4 year-old * no volume control * has to be making a noise all the time * fighting with sibling constantly * OCD * extreme defiance * frequent night wakings * screaming/shouting * trouble getting to sleep * mood swings it felt like we were dealing with a teenager not a 6 year-old * extremely over emotional like crying for no apparent reason.

Danielle’s conclusion after two years  failsafe:

We will continue to do the diet as a family because it’s honestly changed us all for the better and we are eating so much healthier …without all the additives!

It was really hard at first changing our diet, I’ve cried many tears and thought a thousand times it’s easier to give up on the failsafe diet and just deal with the behaviour but … I realised that the diet had made a huge difference and didn’t want to go back to how it originally was EVER!

Now we have got our heads wrapped around recipes that work for our family it has become so much easier!

Other readers agree

"Have only been doing the diet a week … before my son (aged 4) was hyperactive, easily bored, inattentive, unmotivated …  now, he gets excited but not hyper, he plays by himself" – from story [1384]

"We are on day 124 of failsafe….Our issues started around 2.5yrs with anger, defiance, hyperactivity … It is 1000000% worth it. Now he's a happy calm boy that listens" – Elizabeth from story [1453]

"My son gets horrible symptoms after eating (high-salicylate) stuff like okra, eggplant. He becomes uncontrollable with his silly laughter and hyperactivity” – from story [1589]

"I have issues with hyperactivity and attention. Removing my triggers i.e. salicylates and preservatives has helped immensely!" …– Mara from story [1503]

"I am 15…throughout childhood I have experienced a range of symptoms of food intolerance (ODD, OCD, depression and anxiety) … hyperactivity … When I started the diet in full …the results were UNBELIEVABLE!!! My symptoms greatly reduced and (some even disappeared completely)!!" !- from story [1439]

"We are towards the end of Elimination Diet for Master 4 with ASD & ADHD. We have had significant improvements in behaviour - defiance, hyperactivity, stimming, concentration…" – Sharon from story [1526]

"Pre-failsafe, my daughter was annoyingly hyperactive and inattentive…I know rpah (failsafe) elimination diet is huge and daunting and really inconvenient but it really is the best (the only?!) way of clearly connecting trigger foods with symptoms" – Rhonda from story [1528]

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