Food ranked as highest concern for consumers in CFA survey

Food was the highest ranked area of concern overall in a recent Consumers Federation of Australia survey of 591 people.

"Food labelling reform" received the second highest number of respondents overall in response to the question about support for current consumer campaigns:

• 75% of respondents identified misleading information about food production as a 'very important' issue.
• 74% of respondents identified misleading claims about health benefits of food as a 'very important' issue.

Each of the five individual food issues nominated in the survey (misleading claims about health benefits, simple and reliable nutrition labelling, unit pricing, misleading production information, lack of competition between the major retailers) were ranked important or very important by 92% or more of the respondents.

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Survey respondents were not a random sample and diverge from the Australian population in important ways, with older people and those already engaged with consumer issues more likely to respond.