Hayfever is increasing - can diet help?


Howard and I recently spent a week in Canberra, considered the hayfever capital of Australia because

“Canberra is surrounded by grassland … we have a population that is very sensitive to grass pollen in season [October to December]” – Prof Simon Haberle

Hayfever is increasing

Last year, a study in the northern hemisphere found that airborne pollen counts and pollen seasons have been increasing as average temperatures rise (Ziska et al, 2019). Is that happening here?

It seems to be. According to Professor Haberle who runs Canberra’s pollen count, one in three Canberrans is allergic to pollen“We’re seeing some of the pollen seasons becoming longer and stronger, and they’re also starting earlier so that already points to climate change having a significant impact on pollen in the air.”

Hayfever symptoms and management

- sneezing
- runny nose
- red, watery and itchy eyes

Official hay fever management recommendations include

- stay inside
- keep windows closed
- take anti-histamines or other medication as recommended

We were very grateful for our Wein personal air purifiers and Vortex room air purifier – we could really notice the difference they made. I managed the trip without any anti-histamines and Howard only needed a few when we had to go outside in wind.

Effects of diet

 Because we were travelling, our diet was not as failsafe as usual, and that could have been a problem too.

What failsafers say

“I went failsafe with my children about 7 years ago … Even my "hayfever" has disappeared – Erica from story [1560]

“we started the Failsafe diet … to sort out my 7yr old DS's behaviour … His asthma and hayfever are virtually nonexistent …Even my husband's and my own hayfever … have not been apparent” – Sarah from story [1358]

“My hayfever has completely disappeared … on this diet” – from story [474]

“after 1 month on diet … my sinusitis, hayfever and headaches are, for the most part gone!!! – Jenny from story [1183]

“My husband suffers from severe hayfever/rhinitis but not when he eliminates dairy from his diet ….” – from story [338]

“I have been on a low salicylate diet for 9 years … no constant phlegm, blocked nose and hayfever …” - Rosemaree from story [1265]

More info

Have you got COVID-19 or hay fever?  https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-09-07/hay-fever-or-covid-19-coronavirus-allergies-pollen-asthma/12623060

Our hayfever and rhinitis factsheet

Wein personal and Vortex room air purifiers

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Is the Sneez’n Season Getting Longer and Stronger? Canberra Pollen count and forecast. https://www.canberrapollen.com.au/news-events/is-the-sneezn-season-getting-longer-and-stronger/

Ziska et al, Temperature-related changes in airborne allergenic pollen abundance and seasonality across the northern hemisphere, Lancet Planet Health, 2019 Mar;3(3):e124-e131. Quote “Ongoing climate change might, through rising temperatures, alter allergenic pollen biology …” https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(19)30015-4/fulltext