Keep gluten OUT of gluten free foods


Following industry pressure, the Australian food regulator FSANZ is considering a proposal to allow measurable levels of gluten in foods labelled gluten free.
The reason they give is that as testing methods are improved, one can detect lower and lower levels of gluten. The current Australian Code requires that for a food to be labelled gluten free it must contain “no detectable gluten”. In practice, this has meant since 2010 a limit of detection of 3ppm (parts per million, equivalent to 3mg/kg). Industry  believes that the current test sensitivity of 3ppm is reducing gluten free choices while increasing food costs, with no accompanying health benefit.

Less than 20ppm of detectable gluten has recently been adopted as the standard in the USA, EU and in the international Codex.

Coeliac Australia and their medical advisers support the move to this international gluten free standard of <20ppm.   Foods with gluten content between 3ppm and 19ppm, although believed safe for those diagnosed with coeliac disease, cannot be labelled gluten free under current Australian regulations but will be labelled as gluten free under the new regulations.

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Our Network has non-coeliac members who react to European foods labelled gluten free which use this new Standard. Our view is that this could be a negative step for our Network members, many of whom have gluten issues without being coeliacs.

If you think it is step that will affect you, please sign the petition against this change: