Loud voice, silly noises, speech delay, stuttering due to diet


A grandmother was describing her grandsons, aged 5 and 7:

"From the minute they wake up, they are making noise and their voices are so loud"

Loud voice – or no volume control” – and constant noise – or “silly noises” have often been described by our readers as symptoms that disappear when you get the diet right.

Loud voice - reader reports

“We are into day five of the diet and I have already noticed the voice volume decrease – Anna from story [1094]

“When my son has had the ‘bad additives’, LOUD voice is definitely one of this symptoms. Along with whiny higher pitched voice. That is a sure indicator to us that he has ingested something he should not have“ – Sally from facebook group story [1138]

“Sals and amines do it (loud voice) for us, as well as the additives. When we are very strict with only a few foods his voice is normal– Susan from facebook group story [1138]

“(we) took away breads with 282 preservative and … huge difference in volume and improvement in speech for my son. Also we avoid 160b, colours and additives generally ... he has no idea he is talking loudly” – Jennifer from facebook group story [1138]

**WARNING**the bread preservative (calcium propionate 282) is now often replaced by sodium propionate 281 misleadingly listed as cultured dextrose, cultured wheat flour or 'cultured' or 'fermented' anything … and claims of “No artificial preservatives” -  but it can have the same bad side effects. Read more...

“If we stay low everything our son’s voice is pretty normal. If we let a bit of mod sals creep in the loud voice is one of the first things we notice. If he has more then we notice the reaction and silly behavior …” - Susan from facebook group story [1138]

“My son has always had a very noticeably loud voice… Its not until we went failsafe that we noticed his voice is now always normal, the big improvement came from removing all artificial colours, preservatives and flavours but now if he has too many sals he gets quite loud again… his concentration and energy levels seem to go hand in hand with it…” - Lee from facebook group story [1138]

“Our 4 1/2 year old son … has had (a long list of symptoms including) an extremely loud voice that he couldn't control … Since introducing the new diet, he's been basically a new, happier little boy and … SO MUCH CALMER” -  from story [352]

“My 13 yo daughter is definitely doing better on a diet of all low chemical foods… When not doing well she has… poor volume control… even though she is usually a quiet girl” – Carol from story  [1023]

“My (8 yo hearing impaired) son… has the loud voice thing… He now speaks normally, and the first sign of a food reaction is the voice!... we are currently RPAH elimination diet, and the compulsive speech also disappeared… he hardly talks and is calm and listens better“ – Ries from facebook group story [1138] LINK https://www.fedup.com.au/stories/2012/1138-brief-reports-on-qloud-voiceq-september-2012

Silly noises

“My daughter [aged 6] reacted to annatto in fish fingers with head banging, rocking and making whoop whoop silly noises - this lasted for about three days, every time she tried to concentrate, the headbanging, rocking and noises would start up again” – from story [1073]

“(Before diet my son aged 4) was hyperactive…irritable and constantly making silly noises…only been doing the diet a week but…we have seen a 180 turn around!…failsafe has been the best medication” – Kristy from story [1384]

“Our 5 yo son was affected twice about 4 hours after eating a Maccas soft serve ice-cream…Our normally quiet son… shouts, makes silly loud noises,…uses nonsense words...The acute reaction generally lasts about an hour …This, for him, is typical for colours” -  From story [850]

“After we moved to Australia, I noticed a big change in our 3 yo daughter  (anxiety, defiance, restlessness, night waking, loud silly noises…). We found your website and realised (her favourite foods had preservatives)…  We are only two weeks into our changed diet and the difference is astounding” - Emma from story [952]

"The doctor took one look at (my son) – he was making duck noises and running in circles around the waiting room – and diagnosed food intolerances…I switched the family to the RPAH elimination diet…I finally had a calm, reasonable, sensitive child…(now]) I am back to having a child who runs around making chicken noises, uses a loud voice, is prone to crying and is violent and aggressive...He got to school and started to cheat…chocolate cake, m&m’s, muesli bars and lollies…" - from story [575] 

“My son very suddenly developed mild facial (rapid blinking eye and lip biting) and vocal tics (sounds like a quiet grunt or throat clearing sound)…probably in response to his increased consumption of summer fruits, salads and juices…he doesn't eat many processed, flavoured or coloured foods…watching his sals intake over a week…and the tics went completely” - from story [578]

Speech delay

“My youngest who is 2 had a really odd reaction to removing all the additives...we were able to understand him finally!- (he was previously diagnosed with a speech delay) yet when he accidently had a flavoured drink from a guest ... his speech reverted to gibberish again…three times in three weeks, we 'lost' his speech for about 5 hours....! “ – Ries from facebook group story [1138]

“Since starting on the (strict failsafe) diet, he suddenly managed to recognise 40 words…where his previous best attempt at word recognition was 8 words. The speech therapist was so amazed“ – from story [289]

“(my 4 yo son was diagnosed with a severe expressive language delay)…Six weeks later when off wheat products… the speech pathologist said she had never seen a child change so dramatically within such a short period of time…the problem was not the wheat in the bread, but the preservative calcium propionate (now often called cultured dextrose, cultured or fermented wheat flour or similar)” – Alison from story [391]

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“Just realised my 3 year old has stopped stuttering since starting fs nearly 7 weeks ago!” - Kylie from story [1246]

“We removed all nitrates from our son's diet and within about a week the stuttering was gone- from story [396]

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ASD (autistic) communication difficulties

"My autistic son has been on the diet strictly now for nearly 2 years ... If we take him off the diet we get a severe reduction in speech" - from story [325]

"Our autistic son Ethan was diagnosed with a severe speech disorder at 3.5 yrs...Since the diet he's now at an age appropriate level - understandable and he makes sense" - from parent interviews (Autism) on our DVD

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Dysphagia (slow eating, swallowing difficulty) is also a problem mentioned by speech therapists

"When I’m anxious I definitely have more problems with swallowing, so staying strictly amine free  helps a whole chain of reactions" - Viv from story [1565]

"For several years I had trouble swallowing food...My doctors all assumed it was an anxiety symptom, even though I didn't feel anxious...Friends just figured I was a slow eater. I started the failsafe diet on the advice of my dietician ...Now I have no trouble swallowing food" - Thea from story [1566]

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