Saved by diet (children AND adults)


A few days ago I was in a queue in a crowded airport, when one of the staff asked me "is your name Sue Dengate?" At first I thought she wanted to check my ticket - I didn't have one, I was just helping with visitors - but no. Instead, she said:

 "I wanted to say thank you. You saved my son."

It was too busy and noisy to ask questions. But now I wonder, what was her story? 

So I looked at our website to see what others had said about being save by diet.

Saved my son or daughter

"My son got so bad [with extreme mood swings and self-harming behaviours caused by the ADHD drug Strattera] he said he wanted to kill himself and he was only 10 at that time!  ... [ a year later ] ... the happy, well adjusted, stable, "normal" child he is now ... Your diet literally saved his life and every day I say a quick prayer of thanks that we have found the failsafe way and completely changed the course of his life ..."  – Lu from story [1415]

"You have saved my son's life quite amazingly. He is a completely different child. He has gone from terrible [extreme screaming] to angel ..." - Charmaine from story [868]

"I am now on the 2nd day of my 2 1/2 yr old not having commercial bread [with preservative 282 that can also be labelled "no artificial preservatives '"cultured" or "fermented" wheat flour, dextrose or similar] and I now have my angel back. Thank you, you have saved my sanity and my son's future" - from story [222]

"Your book saved my son but it was too late for my marriage, which really suffered from having a child like this" - from story [338]

"Failsafe (in a nutshell) saved our daughter and family! Thank you .... " – Angie from story [802]

"Your book and your website have saved us the agony of months (perhaps years) of trial and error. Our beautiful 8-year-old is back to normal after a year in the wilderness where we wondered if she was depressed, had an eating disorder or a mood disorder." - from story [723] 

"Our son was diagnosed with Tourette's at the age of six ...  miraculously, by day 10 [on the complete elimination diet], his tics had disappeared ... Thanks for your amazing website - it definitely saved our boy from a very troubling syndrome -  from story [580]

Saved my life (adults)

"After 44 years of health problems ... I was about as near death as I would ever care to be ... I picked out my funeral dress.... I really thought it was all over, until I worked out the Salicylate connection ... your website has been life-saving. The reversal of my multitude of horrific symptoms is nothing short of miraculous ...You guys ...are the reason I am alive " - Sara from story [1513] 

"I was put on the RPAH diet in about 1983, at 6 or 7 years old... after 4-5 years of the worst case of eczema (Started after antibiotics at age 2) the docs had seen ... with head to toe eczema and extreme skinniness, I did actually look like I was dying ...This diet probably saved my life. I have no idea how my mum stuck to it for so long, but I’m so thankful she d
id ..." - Amanda, from story [1542]

"I am 35 years old, and the failsafe method actually saved my life. Who knows how this may have ended, if there was inadequate information out there about the chemicals in foods (in my case particularly the natural chemicals in fruits etc) ..." - Liz from story [1112].

"I have been suffering for 10 years with migraines/headaches, etc., seen numerous physicians and not one was able to figure out why. My constant research brought me to you and your diet has saved my life. I can't say thank you enough" - Cheryl from story [1465].


"I have spent 10 plus years in and out of doctors, holistic practitioners, and have undergone over a thousand dollars’ worth of testing and examinations. Until Failsafe, I have had a permanent headache, brain fog, sinus problems, dizziness and angry outbursts (from amines). Through Failsafe, my headache / food hangover that took place EVERY DAY…all gone within a month. ... Failsafe saved my life" – from story [1413]

"Finding out about this diet on the internet literally saved my life" – Sharyn from story [1553]

'"We've been following your books for 3 years and it saved our lives. I know others say that, but it did"- c
ouple from the 2011 Failsafe Roadshow [1073]

I love receiving these extraordinary reports, and I know they can help others. Thank you to everyone who has shared their story.

PS two more comments have come in in response to this blog:

Fabulous post Sue and Howard. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve told that you two and Failsafe saved my family’s life. It saved my sanity and it saved my boys’ quality of life (and in turn my marriage). Thanks ❤ - Jenny

You have saved my son too!! And you have saved my mental health!! - Charmaine