SUCCESS! Complaint to ACCC about Helga's wrap labels accepted

Heard today from ACCC that Australia’s largest baker Goodman Fielder Ltd have given an undertaking to remove the misleading claim from their packaging on Helga’s wraps.

This will happen early in the New Year (this is the “using up old packaging” routine).

The claim on the front of the package is that the wraps have “No Preservative 282” but in fact they contain an ingredient called cultured dextrose which contains propionic acid and is identical with preservative 280.
Goodman Fielder’s claim is correct in that there is no preservative 282, although the additive 280 used is functionally identical. They could equally claim that it contains no elephants and still be correct.

So a win for consumers. But note that the Helga’s wraps will still contain cultured dextrose and so remain NOT FAILSAFE.

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