Teens do failsafe

Q. How do you get your teenager to stick to this diet? – mother on our facebook group

A. Failsafe teens can best answer this question! Many thanks to those who have shared their amazing stories below –and especially Jemma  from the facebook group  who just volunteered to do a zoom interview.


I am 18, turning 19 in March … I’m currently in university, studying on campus. I have ASD (Autism), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), ADHD and Depression…  I have struggled all my life with food intolerances, in fact my mum tells me I almost died when I was a baby because of them. I was failsafe until I was 5 and then mum eased off a bit. And I recently went back on because my symptoms were getting out of hand. I have found massive improvements…” [1594]  WATCH VIDEO

BlogteenJ 9min 25secs


I’m 17 years old. I was diagnosed with depression at the age of six. I tried to kill myself 3 times. My mum found the failsafe diet. She put me on it and within a week we saw a change. I wasn’t as sick, my depression basically vanished, I’ve been really happy ever since. It basically saved my life…”     WATCH VIDEO

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I am an 18 year old student. The diet has been immeasurably useful for me. I can now think better, clearer, and I can reason logically where before an idea would just revolve around in my head … I have ventured forth from the den of my room, and spend less time skulking around the Net and more time socialising ... I started doing badly in school… (when) I moved to the city, and started eating more junk food like meat pies, ham etc. I continued to do worse and worse in school until I dropped out of Year 13 last semester…  Thanks to the diet, I am going to try again to pass Year 12 next year, so I can go to university” – from story [1019]


"I am 15 … When I first found the diet, I planned to begin it after I came back from summer camp … I went to camp and ate EVERYTHING … tons of high salicylate fruits and LOTS of artificial junk (candy, cake, lots of artificial preservatives, etc.) as well as lots of amines, dairy, some wheat and soy (all of which I now know I am sensitive to) ….  I developed an eating disorder, extreme anxiety, depression and worsened ADHD and stomach problems …. I was so miserable; yet I remembered this diet...  As I slowly cut out the foods I was sensitive to, my body was starting to heal! The eating disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and awful stomach aches and pains went away!!! It was amazing!!!! Now I have been sticking to mainly Failsafe foods (low salicylate, but a less strict approach to amines). I still avoid additives and glutamates though; as well as dairy foods, wheat, soy and grains... I read your ebook 'Fed Up With Food Intolerance: A Personal Story' … you have INSPIRED me" - from story [1439] 

Stories about failsafe teenagers

“I started on failsafe ten years ago when I was a teenager. Salicylates are the worst for me. They cause what I call 'salicylate dreams'. They’re like watching a war movie, and I am unable to stop it” – from story [823]

“I am 22 …in my teenage years I felt distracted, foggy brained, unmotivated and developed depression in my last year of high school. Since I've started the elimination diet ... I don't feel drunk or dizzy anymore… I can concentrate at uni and feel more awake, I am calm and so much happier … AND my stomach cramps and bloating are gone ...” - Isobel from story [1206]

"Ten years ago the teachers and doctors wanted to medicate our daughter for ADHD ... Last year she graduated high school with one of the highest scores which guaranteed her entry into top universities. Everyone comments on how polite and engaging she is as a teenager. My advice to those starting the failsafe journey ... hang in there ... the rewards are well worth the effort" – D [1480]

"When my son was 5 he was diagnosed with autism, mild intellectual disorder & severe language disorder … When he was 12 I had him assessed again… after 5 years of following failsafe…. The change was so dramatic that the psych no longer considered him autistic (all those pre-failsafe foods caused his autistic traits). The diet gave him the ability to be able to concentrate, think more clearly & articulate himself & allow his body to heal. He’s now 17, still has to follow the diet... he is really happy, beautifully behaved & in great health …" - Annette from story [1584]

“Sulphites send my 17 yo into a complete ODD asshole, more than typical teenager shit and attitude, he has had it all his life and only cottoned onto food intolerances when he was 15.  Since cutting out the crap that sends him loopy, from depression, out of control anger, tears and stuttering and almost like Tourette type syndromes, he has gone from a failing student all his life to one getting A's and B's in most subjects and doing uni pathway for year 12 next year. Honestly we are all in amazement this is happening, its hard work, nothing in the supermarket is hardly ever suitable and he's fussy but so worth it …” - Bec from story [1288]

“I started failsafe eating … in absolute desperation with my 14 year-old son who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD … he has attempted suicide several time … broke windows and several holes in the wall with his head ... Today I have a son who obeys, talks to you face to face, calmer, quieter, he smiles and has got himself a job part time which he loves. If he is offered food at work he says no and takes his own or waits until he gets home…” - Janelle, from story [648]

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Intro to food intolerance

"Fed Up With Food Intolerance: A Personal Story" (as recommended by Teena)

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