Wein room ionic air purifier now available

WeinVI3500Vortex VI3500 $260.00 including GST and postage in Australia

Many people who have food intolerances are also sensitive to perfumes, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), essential oils and various fumes, some exquisitely so.

This is the best room air purifier we can find as a defence against perfume, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses, mould and smoke. It is silent, cheap, low maintenance and highly effective when tested against competitors. It is designed for a 50 sq metre room, say 10m x 5m, so is suitable for bedrooms, offices and small school rooms.

It will remove 95% of PM 2.5 particles within 30-120 minutes. The cleanliness of the air has to be experienced to be believed.


The Wein Vortex VI3500 uses pulsed ionisation to generate not just a powerful stream of 3.4 trillion negative ions per second into the air but swirls them spirally at 150 ft/sec to sweep the room clean and precipitate pollen, mould spores, animal dander, dust and dust mites, viruses, toxic chemical fumes, bacteria, odours and smoke. This ensures whole room cleaning, unlike competitors.


Where’s the science?

These units have been scientifically tested, peer-reviewed and published in respected scientific journals - see detailed list of references at bottom of shop page

These Wein models generate less than 50 parts per billion of ozone, well within established health limits.

The silent and efficient Room Ionic Air Purifier cheaply and continually sweeps your room clean, depositing particles that can be easily removed by routine household vacuuming and cleaning. Read the 10 page manual for the Vortex Room Ionic Air Purifier here

More details at https://weinproducts.com/products/vortex-vi-3500-room-ionic-air-purifier

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Yesterday we visited a friend who sadly lost her home in bushfires near us a few weeks ago.


Here near Coffs Harbour we feel we have been living with smoke haze and bushfire threat for months. At the same time, people in Sydney are experiencing the worst ever smoke haze, with air quality up to 12 times higher than "hazardous" levels while “smoke masks”, “smoke health effects”, “smoke health pets” are trending google searches.

Experts warn that many Sydneysiders are probably unaware that the air quality in their homes and offices could be just as harmful as it is outdoors. Professor Morawska, from Queensland University of Technology, said rooms did not have to look smoky, or smell pungent, to be compromised. Most Australian homes offered little protection from the negative effects of smoke.

We have been running our Vortex air purifier ever since it arrived and have been surprised - we thought the air inside our house wasn't too bad, but we can feel the difference and see for ourselves the ash and soot precipitated by the negative ions, as you can see here in a sealed room after one day. Two days later there was no more "soot", showing that the air had been cleared - Sue Dengate