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This tiny silent wearable device creates a bubble of pure air about your head and face as a defence against perfume, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses, mould and smoke.

The Wein Air Supply AS180i is your first line of defence against harmful airborne particles down to the virus size of 0.04 microns.


We look forward to feedback from users!


“The best thing I have done about my perfume sensitivity ever” – Sue Dengate

UPDATE AFTER 6 MONTHS: I bought my Wein Air Supply about six months ago when I was recovering from extreme perfume and chemical sensitivity that had been triggered by an overdose of perfumey body lotion from the passenger in front of me on a small plane. I love my Wein Air Supply and never leave home without it - it is always in my bag, with my wallet. Looking back, I think I made a mistake the first time I used it by not turning it on until I got into the room with a smell. It takes about a full minute to build up a bubble of purified air so now I usually turn it on before I need it. I would now recommend to others to turn your Wein AS on and get used to it at home for half an hour before your first trial in the real world. I now use mine regularly for Tai Chi classes and in the gym - especially when running on the treadmill, where I used to hate having to stop when someone perfumey hopped on the treadmill next to me. During weightlifting classes I have it on the lanyard around my neck but also tuck it in my croptop during bending exercises. My sensitivity to perfumes seems to have improved and I no longer always need to use it during visits to a shopping mall or supermarket although I always have it handy just in case. I wouldn't go to the cinema without it. I also use it sometimes when visiting restrooms and in some motel rooms while travelling. Most recently I was extremely grateful for it while helping our daughter to move house - when we walked into the house for the first time, we found someone had thoughtfully (!) left it closed up for several days with fragrance diffusers and air freshener, so I wore my Wein non-stop for the first few days. 

"I decided to give my new Wein Air Supply a try at the Dusk shop ("Australia's premium retailer of Candles, Home Decor, Home Fragrance ...") as if it will work there it will work just about anywhere! I switched it on upon entering and within about a minute the smell began to recede. I walked around the store for about 10 minutes and could only smell a faint smell. It is usually overpowering. When I came to 8 vaporisers lined up on the shelf working full-tilt the smell came through strongly so I put the Wein up to my nose and the smell receded completely! I was pretty impressed. So if necessary, I probably could have held the Wein up to my nose for the entire time and not smelt anything. Then just before leaving the store I switched it off to compare the difference. Within about 15 to 30 seconds the smell was appalling again and I quickly left. Great product. Would recommend it to anyone having problems with smells". - Barbara

"I have used my new Wein Air Supply on a couple of occasions now & find it very effective & am so pleased I bought it. I do, however, find it leaves me with a slight metallic taste in my mouth which is a little annoying but so worth it as it means I can now get out and about without feeling headachy or nauseous etc." - Sharyn

"I've used the Wein quite successfully in 'smelly' shops that would normally affect me and it's also good in crowds of people where there's lots of perfume odours. I didn't need it on two recent short 3hr flights. I keep it ready in my handbag all the time. There is a discernible slight odour and a sensitive person would be nervous that it would cause a reaction but I don't think it does. As you say, it takes a while to adjust but is better than not wearing it" - Brenda

"I have debilitating reactions to fragrances (breathing difficulties, brain fog, migraines) and I had been looking for something like the Wein for some time.
My reactions are quite obvious (I sound like Darth) and I have been lucky to have successive work teams that have stopped wearing perfumes as they are aware of how it affects me.  But I work in a large, open-plan office and I have a lot of external meetings. 
The Wein is not bullet-proof, but I have found it to be a good, non-intrusive first defence.  For example, I managed to get through a two-day work induction course in a small room; but then I have had two reactions in the past week to strong fragrance-wearers in the office.  I would compare the benefit to wearing a mask – with the key advantage of not having to wear a mask. 
One of the less obvious benefits is it opens a discussion (if people notice it at all).  My big boss asked earlier in the week what it was.  Today he wrote to all staff to explain what it was and request that everybody take care with what they use.  A senior manager responded that it would be doing us all a favour – he reacts to fragrances, but thought he was alone.
So is the Wein worth it?  I don’t want to be without it, so for me it’s a yes.

P.S. Today I just started really feeling the effects of perfume in the office particularly acutely.  I looked down and the Wein had run out of battery.  That has happened a few times, which I think speaks to it making a difference" - Mel

UPDATE AFTER 6 MONTHS: The Wein was great on an international flight last week and to be honest, I am not sure if I would have attempted the trip without it.  On the return trip the woman right behind me sprayed her perfume about 45 minutes before landing, which was not pleasant but I was able to hold the Wein up to my nose and escape without a several-day reaction, which would have been the case otherwise. Thank you again for advertising and selling this product - Mel

I already own one Wein Air Supply and don't leave home without it. To be honest I would not be able to work as I now have an allergic reaction to fragrances. The little machine means that I have a barrier to some of the reactions it gives me a chance to get out of the room as my voice box immediately starts to close and I lose my voice, turn red and start breaking out in a rash. If I turn the machine on before I hop out of the car then I can now walk into shopping centres, still can't go in shops like Dusk or Things or walk down the toiletry isle in the supermarket but it has made so much difference to my life – Dee


"Unfortunately the Wein Air Supply was ineffective against my severe level of fragrance and chemical intolerances.  I was so disappointed that it couldn't help me. I found I reacted badly to whatever smell (chemical) was coming out of it.  The first time I used it I came down with an unusual headache and weakness and felt so unwell I had to go to bed quite early. I go to a weekly meeting which is full of perfumed people. I tried it there holding up it to my nose but I couldn't sit in the main hall and cope with the perfumes.  I started coughing after 5 days and by the 7th day the cough was really constant and I was noticing a strong chemical taste in my mouth and throat.  I just couldn't stand the positive ions from the Wein anymore and decided to stop using it. It was worth trying.  Maybe something will help me one day" - Suzie

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Your questions

How does it work?

A coronal discharge ring, battery-powered, silent and with no moving parts, adds a positive ionic charge to airborne particles as they are drawn into the air purifier. These charged particles then repel each other out of the breathing zone. A bubble of purified air envelops your face and head. There is a slight sense of air moving upwards over your face without any smell.

Perfume molecules not bonded to dust or other particles will still be smelt occasionally but any particulate material or perfume droplets will be attracted to other surfaces in an inactive form and adhere there.

Where’s the science?

This unit has been scientifically tested, peer-reviewed and published in respected scientific journals. A detailed list of references is given below. There is sound science about removal of dust particles, aeroallergens and airborne micro-organisms, including bactericidal effects. The Wein Air Supply generates less than 15 parts per billion of ozone, well within established health limits, and generates 0.5-5 positive ions per cubic centimetre at up to 1 metre from the unit in still conditions.

What is it good for?

The Wein Air Supply provides a first line of defence against harmful airborne particles down to the virus size of 0.04 microns and is thus effective against perfume, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses, mould and smoke.

This ultra-light miniature wearable air purifier is a "must have" for air travel, movie theatres, waiting rooms, or any confined areas where people congregate. It is very unobtrusive when worn in public.

How do I use it?

Slip it over your neck and turn it on for several minutes before entering an area of potential impurities. You will feel the very gentle bubble of pure air forming around your face and head. There is an almost imperceptible upward air flow.

If you are walking slowly in gentle wind then air mixing actually increases the effectiveness of the Wein, but if wind or walking speeds increase then the unit becomes less effective as the bubble is pushed away from your face.

It can be used on your nightstand so the air around your pillow is clean and free of pollutants.

I recommend turning your Wein Air Supply on and wearing it at home for half an hour to get used to it, before your first real trial.

What battery is required?


The Wein Air Supply uses one CR123 lithium ion battery. This lasts for about a week with heavy use or longer with intermittent use.

The manufacturer recommends that you use single-use quality batteries like Duracell, Panasonic and Energiser. Quality rechargeable batteries can be used but have half the life (650 mAh) of single-use batteries (1400-1500 mAh).

You can buy such batteries in bulk (eg https://www.batterydeals.com.au/panasonic-cr123a-lithium-3v-photo-power-battery-cr) or buy a recharger and rechargeable batteries (eg https://www.jaycar.com.au/lithium-ion-cr123a-battery-charger/p/MB3581).

Note that CR123A and CR123 batteries are identical.

There is a pulsing light inside the unit that slows as the battery weakens. When the time between flashes is more than 2 seconds the battery is nearly exhausted and needs replacement.


What are other specifications?

The size is 6.8x3.8x2.0cm, with a 60cm black breakaway strap plus a clip on the back that can be used to attach the Wein to clothing.

Solid platinum permanent emitter and gold plated stainless steel collectors, the ultimate in advanced plasma discharge design.

How long is the guarantee?

We give the standard Australian consumer guarantee of 12 months. If there is a failure of the Wein Air Supply in that time please return it to PO Box 718, Woolgoolga NSW 2456 and the unit will be replaced at our expense or a refund made, your choice.

Can I return it if I am unhappy?

Yes, of course. You can return the Wein Air Supply in working order at any time in the first 30 days for a full refund including postage. Return it to PO Box 718, Woolgoolga NSW 2456. Any feedback on the reasons for returning the Wein would be welcome.

Can I use the Wein Air Supply on aircraft and other forms of travel?

Yes. For many this is the most important use of the Wein since it reduces the risk of catching disease and reduces the perfumes from personal products that can make travel in restricted places so difficult for those with chemical sensitivity.

It is highly recommended that you keep the plastic blister pack in which the Wein Air Supply is sold to show to airline and security personnel.

Any more questions?

If your Wein makes a noise, like static or whining, then it may have a hair or some fluff stuck in it. There are no moving parts, so try tapping it not too hard on a firm surface like a table, to see whether something can be dislodged from the gold emitter. Blow in it too to see if something is stuck, even a low temperature hair dryer (DON'T MELT THE PLASTIC!). This is a rare fault but easily fixed.

There is more information at in Sue's blog and at http://weinproducts.com/minimate.htm

Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions and we’ll try to answer them.

Key scientific references

from http://weinproducts.com/Scientific_Research.html

Read reference 3 if you only want to read one scientific paper. Note that the AS150MM referred to is an earlier less effective model of the Wein air purifier AS180i.

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