Healthy salad wraps with gluten free, dairy free, moderate salicylate options (V)


Failsafe wrap: (warning If using commercial wraps, check the label for preservatives. Most gluten free breads and wraps are not failsafe.) e.g. Mountain Bread OR home-made buckwheat pancakes OR Old time organic gluten free wraps (mod in sals due to maize flour) - NOT the ordinary GF wraps with preservative 282


Filling suggestions: e.g. hard boiled egg, cold home-cooked chicken pieces, quark or preservative free cream or cottage cheese, chopped celery, iceberg lettuce, red kidney beans or others, mung bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, leftover cold cooked vegetables such as Swedish rotmos (mashed or chopped potatoes and swedes), brussels sprouts, green beans

Moderate salicylate options, optional moderate salicylate vegetables such as peeled cucumber, butternut, sweet potato, beetroot salad (above) or leftover risotto (below)

Sauce suggestions: failsafe chickpea spread, Howard's bean pasta (kidney beans), failsafe mayonnaise (many options in the FS cookbook)

The Failsafe Cookbook

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