Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Sausages in foil

Failsafe sausages can contain the following ingredients: sausage casing, flour or rice flour, fresh minced meat or chicken, sea salt, parsley, garlic, chives, or shallots. If you can't get your butcher to make them for you, make them yourself (note: sausages labelled "preservative & gluten-free" probably contain herbs & spices which are not failsafe!)

minced beef or chicken plus any or all of the following ingredients: sea salt, finely chopped parsley or celery, garlic, chives, shallots, a little beaten egg.

Lie a long strip of foil on your kitchen bench. Mix your ingredients into little sausage shapes and lie them on the foil end to end. Then roll them up and twist the foil between them to make links. Fry in a hot frying pan - no oil needed. You can make each sausage a different flavour to order. Serve with Birgit's pear ketchup.