Failsafe Recipes: Sweet things, biscuits, desserts

Dominion pudding
Carob black bean brownies (V)
Saffron poached pear (V)
Meringue in Thermomix
Big Anzacs
Potato pastry pear lattice pie
Lemon meringue pie
Pear sorbet
Kidney bean chocolate cake
Maple yoghurt pound cake
Failsafe 'almond' bread
Magic maple custard pie
Pear Pizza
Carob tofu mousse or sauce
Failsafe Christmas 'gingerbread' Santas
Cool cupcakes with icing
Icey ricey ice-cream (2 per cent fat)
Pear and cashew slice
Semolina pudding (not suitable for gluten free diets)
Maple quark jelly
Yummy biscuits
Wedding Whip (contains dairy)
Tofu custard tart
Toffee Bark
Sugar Cookies
Sticky rolls (using dough from a bread maker)
Siena Easter Cake
Self-saucing microwave golden syrup pudding
Rice Puffs (contain dairy foods as butter and gluten as malt in rice bubbles)
Rice pudding
Rice Cookies (failsafe, gluten free, dairy free)
Rice Bubble Treats
Quick lunchbox biscuit
Quick Carob Fudge
Pumpkin Pie (butternut is moderate in salicylates, others are high)
Princess bread
Popples (dairy free, gluten free)
Poached tamarillos in syrup
Pear Tapioca
Pear Crumble
Pear Clafoutis
Nell’s cake (with egg-free option)
Mrs Cattle's Biscuits
Max's MEMMs (mini expresso melting moments)
Marshmallow slice
Mango parfait (moderate in salicylates, also contains amines)
Magic jelly
Madeira Cake
Lunchbox Pear or Apple Pies
Lemon meringue pie version 2 (contains dairy foods, no sulphites)
Howard's pear icecream with dairyfree option
Honeycomb slice (contains dairy and wheat)
High-fibre lunchbox muffins
Healthy carrot cake
Gooey Caramel Slice
Gluten-free sweet slice
Gluten-free slice
Gluten-free carob cake
Gingerbread muffins (failsafe and gluten-free dairy free)
Frozen Rice Bubble Treats
Fluff marshmallow spread
Erica's prize winning gf pear loaf
Easiest ever pear pie and ice-cream
Dominic's Pop-Rocks
Delicious eggless soy ice cream
Crunchy chunky cashew biscuits with dairy-free gluten-free option
Creamed rice
Country pear cake
Classic maple icecream
Carob icecream
Carob custard cups
Carob cookies
Caramel Meringue
Caramel cakes
Candied ricecakes
Butterscotch Pudding
Bread and butter pudding
Bombe Alaska
Blondies (not Brownies as they have no chocolate!)
Birthday bombe
Birthday or Party 'cake'
Birgit's muesli bars
Apple muffins
Anne’s quick slice
American Crumb-topped Coffeecake