Three years ago, my son had such terrible candida you could smell the yeast on his breath and his skin. We learned to avoid yeast, almost as a reflex. It's a habit that's hard to unlearn. But unlearn it we must, because yeast free breads are dangerous if you react to amines.

My son reacts to amines. I knew anything fermented was bad, and that foods cooked for long times are bad. But I didn't know that the "alternative breads" fit this category.

The label says: wheat, water, salt. It doesn't say how long the bread is baked (slow-rising), it doesn't say there are amines, and the bread doesn't smell or taste different. It's just bread, and yet it's not! Alternative breads, made without yeast, are invariably long-rising, via a fermentation process. They are high in amines and should be avoided. I always thought wheat was bad, precisely because of these alternative breads.

My son is happy to be back on wheat and dairy again, as you might imagine. There's even a commercial pizza he can have, Hungry Howies (may not be available in Australia), original crust, cheese, ground beef. The cheese is pure 100% mozzarella, and he can have that once in a while. And now, probably because he is failsafe, yeast doesn't bother my son at all. No sign of candida. So we are back on yeast. - Karl from the discussion group