I would like to thank you for your remarkable book. My children (2 and 5) and I have been on the elimination diet (happy food as we call it) for three weeks now and we have never felt better. After many years of being told that I was the cause of my son's behaviour and many inconsiderate doctors telling me that he was ADHD, I saw your book and decided to give a try. After a major pantry clean out to friends and family, we weren't left with much. This was a shock as I thought I fed my children a good diet. I never realised that we were eating so many chemicals and additives. Then we started trying a few new recipes. I never knew food tasted this good.

My children's behavior has improved beyond what any words can say and I have found that I am a lot calmer myself. The only thing I have found, as was mentioned in your book, is that some friends can't understand how we can eat. I reply that I have gone back to basics and how my great grandmother would have cooked.. Thank you for your help and we will continue to live our new lives with our happy food.- email