We now have a play group operating once a fortnight (only small numbers to date but we will see how it goes) and a cooking class this coming weekend. We are having a whole day at my local school where we will demo a variety of appliances and recipes we use (ice cream machine, bread recipes, sausages, and many others). Our group continues to grow, we find a lot of people come to one meeting and may not come back for three or four months, others just like to get the newsletters and then there are the die-hards like myself who wouldn't miss it.

We have a huge amount of support from the medical fraternity. Our paediatrician is suggesting to parents of ADHD children to try the diet for a designated time (before going to medication) and to contact me for help and support. We then forward them to a dietician or allergy / intolerance doctor for monitoring and getting started. This is working well. It doesn't work for all families (they give up before they have it right) but it is great that they are becoming more aware. - group leader
in Tasmania