I was introduced to your books after my son was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. I have four sons and feel like they are always complaining of some ailment. Three have all been bedwetters up until the ages of 6 to 8 years old. Two are often complaining about aches in their legs to the point of not being able to play sport which they love. One has headaches which leave him feeling lethargic and sleepy. These symptoms disrupt our lives and leave the kids irritable, but I haven't
wanted to take them to our doctor on every occasion, as I have worried that he will think I am imagining their problems.

My son with ADHD is well behaved and I have always felt he had the potential to do better at school than he was. I was disappointed to find out that the only solution to the problem that was offered to me was Ritalin. I am hoping that through a revision of his diet, we may be able to improve his results without medication.

At the moment I am reading "Fed Up" and it has just hit me how like some of the children, my children seem to be. As you mention in your book, I was one of those parents who stayed away from most of the obvious 'junk food' and would consider our family to eat relatively healthy food, however, my children do eat a lot of fruit and pasta sauce meals, which may be the cause of some of their symptoms.

Thank you again for your information and dedication in trying to spread the word. I am planning to try our family on the elimination diet and hopefully we will be able to pinpoint the problem foods for our children. I have renewed hope. - email