My daughter, now 10, demonstrated all the behaviors outlined in the Today Tonight story as well as constant ear and throat infections plus skin rashes, itchy feet and hands, nightmares, could not sleep, agitated behavior, and running sores. I could not find a doctor who could help so at 3 years old we took her to a naturopath. He took her off all milk and grains except corn.

The result was so remarkable that we have religiously kept her off all grains for 7 years. She did return to diary products in moderate amounts without problems. She has learned not to eat wheat as when she breaks this diet she often becomes ill. Although she has never had bowel problems we have assumed she is coeliac. She has not been tested as we refuse to make her go through hell for 3 months before the doctors can test. After watching your research I was wondering if she is really only sensitive to the additive in bread and I assume some other products … - email