I have always tried to be careful in regard to buying processed foods, eg cakes, biscuits, chips, lollies but never thought that bread was a big issue even though there are many varieties. Recently on a media program (Today tonight) I became aware that nearly all bread brands contain a preservative 282 (calcium propionate) and the effects this may have on kids' behaviours. This again made me sit back and look at what is available in supermarkets that we take for granted as being healthy and safe to use.

Just standing in front of the yoghurts I was overwhelmed with the number of flavours and colours added to these products. Where do you start? I thought yoghurt was healthy, next came the deli and sandwich meats with all their preservatives and colours, but even walking through the fruit and vegetable aisles you start to wonder about genetically modified foods and the pesticides used. Going shopping has become a nightmare, I am turning everything over and finding very little that has no colours, flavours or preservatives in it. I have 3 children and each one has their own problems, but I often wonder how much of this is brought on by what they eat. - Kathleen from Canberra