My apologies for not getting back to you sooner - I've been too busy baking and talking to all my friends about my success. My son (aged 4) has come along in leaps and bounds. He is no longer vague, irritable and aggressive. He is able to concentrate on activities and control his own behavior when he becomes upset (he is becoming better at this each day). I find him more articulate and involved in our family life which to me has been the greatest plus as I feel like I have him back.

My husband and I both feel our sense of wellbeing and energy levels have improved. Personally I haven't felt this good in years. Every day is a good day and I no longer have to put things off until I have energy enough to cope.

My stomach is no longer bloated and I too feel I can concentrate and motivate myself more. A couple of friends have been so impressed with my son's changes that they are also going failsafe. I have to agree with one comment made on your web page - your next book needs to be "How to Tell Friends they Need to go Failsafe". My tongue is getting sore from biting it as my tact is well known to be kept in my big toe.

Thank you again Sue I really appreciate your work over the years. Your research has made your arguments as sound as any article in a nursing/medical journal I have read. Unfortunately most of us have been programmed to believe it has to be objective and scientific to be believable. I am now a supporter and all the proof I need is when I see my son smile and I know it's all worth while. - by email