Last year the counsellor at my 7 year old son's school recommended he be tested for ADD mid this year if there was no improvement in his concentration. During her examination he barely sat still for a minute! I saw your website and decided the diet was worth a try as I knew that I would never have him on medication. It was difficult at first as his behaviour declined (fortunately I was expecting that from reading your books) and we made lots of mistakes but we persevered - and it
has been worth it! His thoughts seem to be clearer (he still is slow to get his words out but much improved), he has much more energy, more appetite, sleeps better, is happier and has better concentration. There is certainly no reason at this stage to have him tested for ADD.

Before the diet, he was never happy to do what the rest of the family were doing and it was very frustrating. Now he is completely different and we even completed a 5 hour walk in the Warrumbungle National Park during the last school holidays.

There are a lot of recipes that my three children love - pear crumble, potato wedges, dominion pudding, carob fudge cake, cottage pie to name a few. The three of them have improved appetites and attitudes to food - before they weren't happy to try new foods but are now quite happy to sample a new recipe. I find shopping and cooking easier as I skip most of the aisles and cook with fewer foods. The grocery bills are cheaper and the amount of GST paid is much less!

I'm so pleased that I decided to give the diet a go and have stuck with it. It's been the best thing for my son and for all the family.

One thing that struck me from one of your books was where you mentioned families travelling to Europe often experience an improvement in their child. Last year (pre diet) we spent 5 weeks in France and Italy travelling in a camping car and couldn't believe the difference in our son. His speech improved considerably, he was much happier and had a lot more energy. At the time we put it down to the fun we were having as a family exploring a new country but now realise it was probably the lack of preservatives in the food. Even pre diet we noticed some of the food you have mentioned - Fanta being a paler colour, ice-creams tasting like they used to and in Italy the pizzas and real home-made chips. The food was much tastier and we noticed that the Europeans eat foods that are in season.

Well, that is a very brief update on how changing foods and becoming aware of what we eat has helped my family. It has been a very positive change for us and well worth the hard work. Thank you for your advice, recipes and passing on your experiences. - by email