I have just finished reading your book Fed Up and I must say reading your stories about your family was an eye opener. When you talk about Rebecca, it sounded like my daughter. Everything you wrote I could relate to. I have tried almost everything - and even partially looking at her diet, but found it hard with nothing to guide me, until I purchased your book. The recipes are a great help.

Our daughter is currently not medicated for her ADHD - we have trialed her on several of the ADHD medications (Catapres, Dex and Ritalin) and the one that did help her caused excessive weight loss and we had to take her off the medication. I also found the Ritalin to have such a speedy effect on her in the afternoons, when she was coming off the medication, she was a million miles an hour and uncontrollable!!!

But she is so far behind at school with her reading and writing and something needs to be done ASAP so she doesn't fall too far behind. Thank you for your time and thank you for writing such a BRILLIANT book. - by email