The DVD "Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour * has subtitles in six languages and can be viewed for FREE!

no subtitles version

flagDutch Dutch

flagUK English

flagFrench French

flagGerman German

flagItalian Italian

flagSpanish Spanish

*The DVD itself has no subtitles in the NTSC format but NTSC format DVDs are at a reduced price of only $15.50 posted.

Brochures are available in many languages in a printer-friendly format (thanks to Failsafe members for translating!):

flagChina Chinese (thanks zhkhan) 汉语手册

flagDutch Dutch (thanks Peter)

flagFinland Finnish (thanks Esa)

flagFrench French (thanks Ariane)

flagGerman German (thanks Andrea and Bernard)

flagItalian Italian (thanks Helen)

flagNepali Nepali (thanks Sunita)

flagPortuguese Portuguese (thanks Carla)

flagSpanish Spanish (thanks Daniela)

Turkish (thanks Bengu)

flagUSA USA (thanks failsafeUSA members)

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help with other languages.

We loved this comment from one satisfied failsafer:

"Ah, the answer to my prayers. I had no idea the brochure even existed, but thanks so much for directing me to it. I am not very Internet savvy, however I found it easy enough. Regarding possible opposition to failsafing within the child care setting ... now all I have to do is hand over a copy of this and let them ask questions! Thanks again. I highly recommend everyone print this out if you don't already have a copy, it sure cuts out the "but WHY can't your kid have (insert food here)?" questions. Great for grandparents too."

Thanks to Rebecca for the artwork and layout and to Joanne Van Os for the rats! And to for the flags.